Must-Have Supplies for the Groom on the Wedding Day

These items could help save the day!

There are premade emergency kits that can be purchased, but if you’d prefer to make your own, these are the items we suggest!

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Photo: Roey Yohai Studios

While there is often a lot of focus on what brides and bridesmaids might need to take care of last-minute mishaps on the wedding day, grooms and groomsmen shouldn’t be ignored. Making sure the below items, as well as anything thing else an individual may thinks he needs, are available while getting ready will help make sure the day goes smoothly. People always say something will go wrong at your wedding – with any luck it will be something that can be easily fixed with an emergency kit.

groom and groomsmen emergency kit, wedding-day emergency kit for grooms

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There are premade emergency kits that can be purchased, but if you’d prefer to make your own, these are the items we suggest:

- Deodorant. Consider the spray kind, so it can help out multiple people without sacrificing hygiene. 

- Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. No one wants anything stuck in their teeth in the photos! 

- Gum or mints. These will be important in case something ruins your breath after brushing. This might not be as much of an issue for the groomsmen, but the groom has a lot of kissing ahead!

- Hair products. Since it’s not as common for men at weddings to have a professional hairstylist, it’s important to have any necessary supplies. A brush, comb, pomade, mousse, etc. could all come in handy.

- Sewing kit. Whether a thread came loose on a rented tuxedo or someone popped a button, this will save you from a wardrobe malfunction. 

- Lint roller. Most grooms and groomsmen will don a dark suit for the big day, which attracts just about anything. Keep the look fresh by using a lint roller before photos, the ceremony, and the reception. 

- Medication. A headache, upset stomach, or sudden allergies are not fun to deal with. Take care of it before the ceremony starts without making someone scramble around town. 

- Shoeshine kit. Make sure no one is looking at scuff marks while you walk down the aisle!

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