Five years to the day after Debra Ann Metzke and Aaron Bud Postil were introduced by a mutual friend, the couple met under a rose covered arbor at the Lakeside Golf Club to be married. It was a site chosen for its significance beginning in Aaron’s life as an avid golfer and then as the backdrop for enjoying the everyday diversions of life together. Therefore, it seemed only natural that fourteen months after getting engaged in Wailea, Hawaii, the couple would return to this sentimental spot in Burbank as the setting in which to celebrate their most special event to date.

To sufficiently honor their marriage to each other, Debra and Aaron knew their wedding had to consist of elements that were “dramatic, passionate, festive and filled with love”. They achieved such beauty and emotion by incorporating moving musical components and intense floral decoration into their celebration from beginning to end. The décor was inspired by an initial desire to use deep red roses to represent their passion. A wrought iron gate, embellished with crimson and black magic roses welcomed guests into the garden ceremony. Candelabras perched atop iron stands and covered with shades of fuchsia and burgundy roses, hydrangea and moss, led the way up the aisle where a large, tightly packed ball of more red roses hung from their wedding arch, creating a vista against the expansive golf course for their distinguished ceremony.

A string quartet performed the musical movements for the processional that were entirely composed by Aaron’s father. Debra’s Latina heritage was reflected throughout their ceremony by several rituals presented to the couple by family members serving as “Padrinos”. A figure eight of cording was wrapped around Debra and Aaron’s shoulders to symbolize the eternal nature of marriage. Las Arras, the coins, were exchanged between the bride and groom to represent their commitment to each other, for richer or for poorer, and a unity candle was lit, first by both mothers, and then by Debra and Aaron to signify the joining of two families. A red rose was also given to each mother, bestowing the couple’s deepest gratitude on them for the love and nurturing that made them the couple they are today.

While their ceremony poignantly reflected their deep commitment to their dynamic relationship, their most emotional moment came during their “first look” at one another as a bride and a groom. Before the ceremony and excitement that would follow, the couple’s ability to take those few minutes to be alone together was a grounding and sacred reminder of the true meaning of the events ahead.

Once the cocktail hour was underway, the couple and their guests were whisked into a lively world of a traditional and contemporary festivity. A Mariachi band, a staple at Latino celebrations, filled the air with energetic song while dancers of ballet folklorico, a discipline which Debra grew up performing, dazzled the crowd with their passionate display. Once inside the ballroom, a modern band called the MVP’s took over the spirited musical duties.

Guests were also encouraged to sign a unique keepsake designed by Aaron in keeping with his own musical background. It was a plaque of three platinum albums with personalized center stickers that featured an engagement photo of the couple with the words “commemorating the beginning of many platinum years to come” encased in glass. The couple’s wedding favor was also musical in nature, in the form of a CD for each guest that compiled the father of the groom’s ceremony music with other favorite songs reflective of Debra and Aaron’s evening.

The dramatic floral arrangements from the garden ceremony were given new life in the reception room, with their aisle running candelabras becoming towering centerpieces and the impressive sphere of roses taking center stage above the dance floor. Pinspot lighting illuminated their spectacular arrangements as well as their five-tiered wedding cake displayed majestically against its own shadow. White layers of delicate scalloped edges and tiny frosting pearls alternated with levels of richly colored roses creating a striking design, topped with numerous roses. The couple’s glass Lladro cake topper of a boy and girl was displayed next to the stunning cake.

Debra and Aaron attributed the success and enjoyment of their wedding to their ability to work together as a team during the planning process. They also strove to incorporate important elements from both of their lives to really bring the momentous event full circle. They wisely invited the opinions and advice of only those they intimately trusted and most importantly, “Let go!!!” once the details were in place. If one can allow fate to take its course, advises the couple, “The day will turn out better than you could possibly imagine.” And continuing to let go they did, during their fitting honeymoon at the Four Seasons resort in Punta Mita, Mexico where they began the first days of their many platinum years together the only way they knew how: passionately.