For sisters Leigh and Lindsey Armstrong, tying the knot with their respective beaus at their family’s Paso Robles, California vineyard was a dream come true. The siblings designed two unique, deeply personal celebrations – at the exact same venue.

Using Leigh’s nuptials as a blueprint (“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?” Lindsey laughs), she collaborated with many of the same vendors to recreate the framework of her sister’s soirée, while incorporating her unique style into the ceremony, flowers, and reception design. Additionally, in the year between each celebration, the vineyard underwent several renovations and redesigns, allowing aspects of Lindsey’s wedding – such as the rehearsal dinner  to appear fresh to repeat guests.

Though neither sister was bothered that their events shared similar qualities, Lindsey enjoyed customizing the details. “I tried to change personal aspects of our wedding that I knew Leigh and Alex really cherished in their own, so I wouldn’t be mimicking something that really set their celebration apart,” Lindsey says.

For the rehearsal dinner, Lindsey and Ryan eschewed Leigh and Alex’s vineyard theme for a classic, romantic celebration in shades of ivory. Fluffy white flowers and taper candles decorated a single magnificent 100-foot table. Shorter candles placed in glass vases lined the floor and were also suspended from the ceiling, filling the space with a warm glow. In a particularly sweet moment, Lindsey joined Ryan’s father to surprise the groom and their guests by singing a song together that perfectly expressed her feelings: “When the Right One Comes Along.”

“The one thing I absolutely knew I wanted from the get-go was floral wreaths for my bridal party,” Lindsey claims, and she got her wish. Her 12 bridesmaids were outfitted in floor-length gowns that boasted a lovely shade of ivory and crowned with wreaths of roses and greenery. For herself, Lindsey chose a romantic lace dress with a gently flared skirt and carried a striking bouquet of hot pink peonies. 

Long benches, divided by an aisle runner of planks bordered by stones, faced an altar adorned with a remarkable wooden cross. “We really wanted our ceremony site to be simple and Christ-centered,” Lindsey explains. Her beloved Christian summer camp provided the inspiration for the décor, and the processional included several of her favorite camp songs. A mariachi band serenaded the wedding party for the recessional as a tribute to Lindsey’s adoration of Mexico –- the place where she and Ryan fell in love. 

For the reception, Lindsey took full advantage of her and her sister’s differing color preferences. “I’m so happy Leigh hates pink, so I could let that color steal the show at my wedding!” Lindsey reveals. Centerpieces included blooms in crème brûlée, blush, and peach shades, while the head table was awash in bright pink roses, peonies, and hydrangeas. Chargers and glasses were rimmed in gold. A live band performed Motown and old-school classics. “The reception had an ethereal, almost circus-like dreaminess,” Lindsey raves.

Resting atop Paderewski wine boxes and bouquets of peonies, Lindsey and Ryan’s carrot cake was embellished with roses and frosted with a lace pattern that matched the bride’s dress. “The whole setup was something out of a dream!” Lindsey exclaims.