The WIPA (Wedding International Professionals Association) Design Challenge is an event that happens once a year. For the 2018 event, our own executive editor Nicole Palacios spoke on a panel about the wedding industry. The theme of the challenge was The Four Elements (earth, wind, water, and fire), and Nahid Farhoud of Nahid’s Global Events and a team of professionals put together an inspirational reception that evoked images of smoke and fire.

“The team wanted to showcase the gradient of both colors and textures, using foil to accentuate the balloons and backdrop while still maintaining a luxurious feel with the chandeliers and votives,” explains Nahid. The spectrum of shades included deep crimson chairs and turmeric-hued linens, along with stationery that was created onsite using watercolors in warm hues. “A resemblance of flame and smoke was the real challenge, and it was executed with fire rocks and unusual elements like the branches extending from the candelabra,” adds Nahid.

The vibrant color palette certainly lends itself to a festive celebration in the fall or winter months, or for events year-round celebrating couples who love warm tones and rich, metallic elements. Click through the slideshow above to see the fiery inspirational décor.