“This shoot was inspired by the private moments that are shared by the couple during the wedding day,” shares Akeshi Akinseye of Kesh Events. A worthy subject, considering many of the brides and grooms featured in our real weddings advise engaged pairs to take a moment away from the hustle and bustle of the big day to enjoy their commitment to one another. 

The model bride and groom are shown in two different ensembles… one more classic and formal, the other modern – though both bridal gowns can be found at Dimitra's Bridal Couture. In the first look, the man wears a white tuxedo jacket and the woman wears a simple ball gown with a bateau neck and clean lines. A photo of them walking up a staircase shows how a couple might steal away for a little time together away from their guests. In the second look, they tuck away in a brick alcove, alone in their own world. She wears a fitted mermaid gown with a voluminous skirt that evokes the foam of waves crashing on the shore. His second tuxedo jacket is a unique look – a metallic bronze hue with a geometric print that would be sure to capture the attention of guests.

The model bride carried a bouquet of white orchids, and the bloom – along with a variety in a pink hue – was also included in the reception floral arrangements. “Orchids represent love and there was an abundance of them,” explains Akeshi. The centerpieces also had lush snowy hydrangeas along with roses in both pale and bright pink. The long king’s table showcased the displayed blossoms alternating between glass candelabrum placed atop the luxurious linens from Nüage Designs

Dividing the room between the dinner table and custom dance floor was white drapery, with an exquisite parted curtain lined with a full garland of blooms in the same color palette as the centerpieces. A floral wall by the ivory dance floor featuring gold detailing made for a lovely photo backdrop.