Years of friendship and romance led to three-time NBA Champion Danny Green presenting Blair Bashen with a sparkling green diamond engagement ring. The affianced pair hosted their wedding where the bride was raised in Houston, Texas – an ideal location for guests traveling from all over the world. In fact, the most challenging part of wedding planning for the couple was collecting addresses. “So many people were in the process of potentially moving,” tells Blair. “The other difficult aspect was not knowing where we would be because of the playoffs and whether the [Philadelphia] 76ers would go to the Championship.” 

After beginning to create a dynamic design scheme, the couple selected a luxurious hotel property in town as their wedding venue. “The goal of the ‘Green Bash’ [a play on their surnames] was to transport guests through various beautiful green environments filled with memorable elements at each turn,” describes Blair. “The ceremony altar featured an LED wall which provided movement. We also later used the wall to help transition the spaces throughout the course of the evening.” 

Blair was a vision, dressed in a fit-and-flare bridal gown featuring lace detail, hand-sewn embellishments, an illusion side panel, and frothy skirt. “Her beauty struck me and so did the importance of the moment,” confides Danny of the instant he saw his bride. “Seeing everyone get emotional really hit me hard.” At the conclusion of the sentimental service, the couple led the way to the cocktail hour while the unofficial New York anthem “We Gonna Make it” played – a nod to Danny’s home state of New York. 

“The goal of the ‘Green Bash’ was to transport guests through various beautiful green environments filled with memorable elements at each turn.”

The reception was equally as stunning, highlighting thoughtful details throughout. “We wanted to ensure there was something interesting to see on every table,” illustrates the bride of the tables covered in emerald-green sequin linens bedecked with bullion-rimmed chargers, as well as mirrored tables showcasing abundant greenery. Additionally, the couple’s dogs were not able to attend the nuptials, so larger-than-life versions of the canines were crafted from verdure and signature cocktails were named after the pups. “We could not imagine our day without them,” shares Blair. 

Blair and Danny had a vision of creating a memorable wedding day not only to celebrate their love, but also to show appreciation for all their wedding guests. To accomplish this, their wedding designers worked hard to introduce innovative ways to surprise attendees – from wow-worthy lounge vignettes enveloped with garlands of wisteria to nomad photo booths where two artists dressed as flowers roamed around the space with a ring of light to be more interactive than a typical booth. 

Following the dinner service, guests were offered slices of an impressive seven-tiered wedding cake, inspired by Blair’s unique green diamond engagement ring. The confection – in Strawberry Champagne and Texas Melon flavors – showcased geode-style cutouts of edible crystals made of rock candy and sugar shards. Meanwhile, the bride changed into her second outfit: a glittering fitted jumpsuit. The couple’s wedding planners had arranged a special grand entrance beginning with a quad-stilt walker adorned in ivy. “The energy was electric!” Blair remembers. 

When it came time to transition from reception to after-party, the DJ changed the music to that of a club vibe, whilst the greenery-wrapped chandelier suddenly featured two aerialists donned in crystal-studded bodysuits pouring Champagne from above! “There was pure energy on the dance floor,” describes Blair. “We definitely felt the love from our family and friends.” The newlyweds recommend to others to cherish the time and be in the moment. “Take in the happiness and excitement of it all!” she urges.

This real wedding was originally published in the Winter 2022 issue of Inside Weddings magazine. 

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