Michelle Adelman admits she was a little spellbound the first time she met Jeremy Weiner – so much so, she couldn’t bring herself to speak to him right away. But by the end of the night, after dancing together for hours at a mutual friend’s party, an official first date was in the works. After becoming engaged, Michelle and Jeremy spent eighteen months planning their wedding, ensuring that every detail reflected the magic of their first meeting that continues to define their relationship today.

And just as they knew they were destined to be together, as soon as the bride and groom laid eyes on the garden at the Four Seasons hotel, they were sure it was the place to say, “I do.” They chose a date in April to take advantage of the Southern California spring, and set about planning a celebration that took the idea of an enchanted garden and gave it an offbeat twist by incorporating fresh herbs, twisting branches, hanging candles, and beaded touches throughout the décor. And by forgoing traditional soft tones for a more vibrant palette of amber, celadon, chartreuse, and various shades of bright pink, Michelle, Jeremy, and their event designer Carol Matteson added a bit of the bohemian to the hotel’s very traditional setting.

Each of Michelle’s bridesmaids carried a different colored pink flower, which were also represented in the bride’s bouquet along with crystal and beaded accents. According to Matteson, the dramatic chuppah beneath which Michelle and Jeremy were married was the largest and most elaborate one she had ever constructed. The shelter’s size allowed the bride and groom’s parents to share intimately in their children’s experience while being embraced by its lush walls of flowers, herbs, and flickering candlelight.

To personalize their traditional Jewish ceremony, Michelle and Jeremy infused their most valued possession – their families – into the proceedings. Michelle was married with the same ring her mother and grandmother wore at their weddings, and during the service the couple wrapped themselves in Jeremy’s grandfather’s prayer shawl. The bride and groom also drank from two different kiddish cups – one old, having been used at Michelle’s grandparents’ wedding, and one new, given to the bride and groom by Jeremy’s parents. Michelle and Jeremy also exchanged original vows and were married by a rabbi and cantor who had known them as individuals for years.

The eclectic cocktail hour menu also enhanced the bohemian mood and introduced guests to the couple’s sophisticated tastes. From Peking duck crepes to lobster and mango salad served in Asian spoons, everyone was primed for the revelry that awaited them at the reception. “When it was time for our guests to enter the ballroom,” remembers Michelle, “they were swept off their feet, just as I was the night I met Jeremy.”

From top to bottom, the room was full of exquisite details, but the first thing that grabbed everyone’s attention was the happy couple – already engaged in their first dance as husband and wife. “We will never forget the feeling we had, dancing and being greeted by all of our closest family members and friends,” says Michelle. As their guests gathered around the circular white dance floor, Michelle and Jeremy performed a choreographed routine beneath a canopy of branches, floating orchids, and hanging candles, which created a dazzling effect. The unexpectedness of the ceiling treatment was mirrored in the trellis-like centerpieces found on each table, which incorporated a mix of vivid flowers and beaded candles designed to enhance the detail work on the table linens and chair covers. Amber lighting completed the effect, transforming the space into an elegant yet original scene.

When it came time to bid their guests farewell, the newlyweds offered those who still had appetites fresh cups of cappuccino and biscotti. And to further guarantee sweet dreams, guests were also encouraged to fill bags with a variety of candies on display in large glass jars. And while everyone was grateful for every last wedding detail, it was the love that inspired each element that really impressed the guests. As Michelle shares, “Plan each detail with the same affection and care you show one another. This way, you ensure that the feelings you experience on your wedding day will be reflected in the beautiful surroundings you create.”