“I hope there is finally a hot guy in class today,” Jaymi Padilla said to her friend as they walked into a Bikram Yoga class. That’s when she noticed Rory Morrin. “I spent the full 90 minutes of class thinking about approaching her afterwards,” he admits. Rory worked up the nerve and asked to take her out on a date, which she accepted. 

A little over two years later, the couple was enjoying a getaway in Cambria, California. Rory went on a jog one morning and taped an old iPod and earphones underneath a bench that faces the ocean, with the song “The Matrimony” by Wale and Usher loaded on the player. “With us both being big hip-hop fans, it was the perfect song,” Rory explains. Later that day, he took his beloved on a walk to the bench and pulled out the iPod and earphones for her to listen. “Despite the song being about marriage, she had a confused face until I pulled out the ring!” laughs Rory. Once she realized what was happening, Jaymi happily said yes. 

“We’ve been to so many weddings between the two of us that we had a good gauge on what we wanted – everyone having the most fun possible,” the bride affirms. As her family lives several hours away and Rory's family hails from Ireland and England, a hotel venue was key for the convenience of guests.

In addition to their marriage, the big day celebrated what the couple has in common – their love of music – as well as their different cultures. “I am Chumash Indian, so we asked a Ceremonial Elder to perform our ceremony,” Jaymi confirms. “To represent Rory’s Irish heritage, we had a Catholic priest perform a blessing before the dinner.” The seating assignments were listed on a wooden board with cassette tapes, and each table was named after rappers and singers that the bride and groom love. A lyric from their first dance song – “Adorn” by Miguel – was made into a golden banner that was displayed above the head table. 

Naturally, dancing at the reception was a huge priority for the music-loving couple. A highlight came at the end of the night, when DJ Herrick of Happen agreed to extend the party for an additional half hour. “I got on the mic to say ‘we were supposed to stop now…’ and people booed. Then I said, ‘…but we have another 30 minutes!’ and everyone went wild,” exclaims Rory. Even with that extension, the one thing the bride would change is to have the wedding last longer. “But it’s always good to end on a high note!” she adds.