It isn’t every day that childhood sweethearts reconnect; though, that is exactly what happened in the case of Nikki Jacobs and Alex Karam. As young children, they shared many friends in their Connecticut hometown. “When I was 12 and he was 14, we actually hung out after both sneaking out […] don’t tell our moms!” Nikki laughs. After losing touch through their maturation, the two reconnected in a bar at the end of 2009 and they knew there was still a spark between them, and soon, a romance bloomed. Five years later, on a couple’s getaway in Hawaii, Alex executed a unique proposal. “On the night of our engagement, dinner [proceeded as] usual until dessert came,” recalls Nikki. “When I looked at the menu, right below the checkerboard cake, [our favorite], it said ‘Nikki, will you marry me?’ and my answer, of course, was yes!”

Nikki and Alex were sure to make every decision regarding their nuptials as a couple, along with some help from Katie Webb at Intertwined Events -- whom the bride became very close to during planning process. Every selection was made with the happiness and comfort of their family and friends in mind. “[Alex] and I wanted to give our guests the best weekend ever, so anything that would enhance their experience was a big deal to us,” notes Nikki. “[A]s the bride, you go in thinking ‘me me me,’ but by the end, you realize that your day is made special by having all of your loved ones there.” 

Finally, on a beautiful spring day, the pair prepared to tie the knot. The open-air space was perfectly situated atop a cliff, providing a picturesque backdrop of the billowing waves of the Pacific Ocean. A rustic wooden arch bedecked with ethereal roses and orchids in shades of ivory. Reflective geometric orbs were suspended over the altar – adding a modern twist to the classic motif. On this pivotal day, the bride and groom wanted to honor their late fathers in the service. “[T]he first seat of the first row on [either] side was left empty with a white lily laying on [each]. I also had a blue handkerchief of my dad’s sewn into my dress as my ‘something blue,’” Nikki reveals. Beaming from ear to ear on her walk down the aisle, the radiant bride – clad in a pure white ball gown reminiscent of a fairy tale – joined her excited groom for their vows. As the sun began to set on the horizon, the couple sealed their marriage with a kiss. 

Guests were lead inside to a grand ballroom for a celebration of the newlyweds. Per the pair’s favorite color, the area was imbued with hues of purple in every detail. Striking arrangements of blossoms in varying sizes – including a floral table runner that cascaded onto the floor – sat regally atop glass tables: some round and adorned with amethyst linens and others free from frills. For the remainder of the evening, friends and family enjoyed a selection of Motown, R&B, and early '90s classics, which kept the festivities lively and playful. As the crowning jewel of the night, Nikki – a professional chef – was insistent on a full, four-course gourmet menu to satisfy her attendees. “We did a lobster ravioli, a beet salad, a choice of Kobe beef skirt steak or miso black cod over forbidden black rice, and [to top it off], Dulce de Leche ice cream encased in chocolate,” the culinary-savvy bride tells. “We also brought in In-N-Out for a late night snack with little shot glasses of milkshakes.”

Upon reflection, Nikki values the time that she and Alex got to spend organizing their day. “The most important piece of advice is to [plan] it together,” she says. “You will be stressed, but at the end, you will be stressed together, and when it’s all over, the two of you will be closer than ever before!”