“She was sitting at a cafeteria table with a group of girls,” remembers Layne Deutscher of the moment he first saw his future wife. “At the time I had a crush on another girl who was sitting at the table and I went over there to talk to her. That’s when I met Laine… I changed my mind quickly.” As a middle school student, Laine Sowell remembers hearing that a boy with her same name had a crush on her. “The next thing I knew he was approaching me during recess asking me out,” she says. Their childhood romance led to finding the love of their lives and later a proposal. “It was the easiest question I’ve ever answered,” shares Laine of the special moment.

Planning their nuptials in only six months, the couple trusted their team of wedding professionals to turn their vision into reality. “I honestly relied on our planners to take control of everything so that we could enjoy our engagement and be surprised by the finished product they created,” admits the bride. Over 350 guests attended the celebration, which was hosted in the couple’s shared hometown of Dallas, Texas. The elegant ivory-and-gold invitation suite designed by Ceci New York set the tone for the décor throughout the traditional ceremony and beautiful tented reception. “I always dreamed of an all-white wedding mixed with greenery and a nature-like feel with candles everywhere,” confirms Laine of the minimal guidance she gave her planning team.

On a summer day in June, loved ones found their seats at church pews decorated with cascading blossoms that fell gracefully toward the floor. Bridesmaids in blush dresses featuring mismatched necklines preceded the bride down the aisle to Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” – a melody the bride’s mother used to play as she put her to bed. At last, Laine made her grand entrance in a stunning strapless gown clutching a bouquet of vanilla blooms as she joined her groom at the altar for the traditional service.

Following the ceremony, guests adjourned to a nearby luxury hotel for an alfresco cocktail hour. Attendees sipped libations from tufted lounge areas and later found their seating assignments etched into mirrors displayed on a towering floral wall. Once inside the massive tented structure, the couple – as well as their friends and family – were awestruck as they saw the exquisite décor for the first time. “Our planners asked us to not peek throughout the whole day so that we would be completely surprised by what they did,” Laine reveals. “We were blown away in the best way possible.”

Gorgeous alabaster drapery enveloped the tented space, which featured the bride’s dreamy palette of pearl, gold, and greenery. Guests found their seats atop gilt-backed chairs around either long king’s tables with mirrored tops or round varieties covered in champagne-hued linens. Lush runners comprised of fresh flowers ran the length of the long tables, with towering tree-like centerpieces featuring verdure and snowy blooms to add height. Round tables displayed either similar tall arrangements or low centerpieces paired with striking crystal or floral chandeliers suspended overhead.

Following the dinner service, guests enjoyed slices of a six-layer wedding cake that served as the pièce de résistance on a raised stage. The delectable confection was adorned with cascading fresh flowers that blended seamlessly with the orchids, hydrangeas, and roses that enveloped the display itself. With their palates satisfied, revelers hit the dance floor, which showcased a luxe bullion-hued monogram and an impressive ceiling installation of greenery and blossoms, to enjoy entertainment by a live band until the clock struck midnight. “They were incredible!” notes the groom.

For a couple whose wedding turned out absolutely breathtaking, it’s surprising that Laine and Layne admit stress didn’t affect them leading up to the big day. Their secret? Focusing on their engagement rather than the wedding. “Don’t get so caught up in the planning process. It’s stressful only if you make it stressful,” urges the bride. “Try to remember that this is actually supposed to be fun, so enjoy it and appreciate the time you have together as an engaged couple. It’s an amazing part of your life that you don’t want to miss.”