“Our connection was instant. I had never felt a spark like this, and there was absolutely something about him that had me intrigued,” Olivia Velar smiles as she reminisces on the night she met her future husband, Brett Knief. They lived in different states at the time, but they dated long distance for nearly five years and moved to Florida together. On Thanksgiving Weekend not long after, Brett proposed to Olivia in his home state, and she happily accepted. 

As an event designer, Olivia was well aware of the nature of wedding planning. “Being in the event industry has provided me with a deeper understanding of what it really takes to plan a wedding,” the bride confides. However, she still decided to hire a coordinator to bring her vision to life, electing the talented Heather Lowenthal of Posh Parties. After 11 months of planning, the pair recited their vows at a museum in Palm Beach, Florida in front of over 150 attendees. “Ever since I can remember, I have envisioned my wedding to be in a grand space with beautiful details and a unique atmosphere,” Olivia tells. “The Henry Morrison Flagler Museum was just that.” After a lovely religious ceremony, everyone gathered in the reception space to enjoy the delicious fare and sophisticated ambience for a night of revelry.

“I knew from the beginning I wanted the overall design to be classic and simple, yet have a modern twist,” the bride explains. “Deep burgundy and gold, complemented with pops of pale pink, neutrals, and greens, was a natural complementing color scheme for the time of year and the venue.” Along with the five-tier confection that replicated this color palette, guests indulged in late-night Chick-Fil-A sandwiches. “[It is] one of our favorite places to eat,” Olivia shares. In lieu of a grand send-off, the newlyweds took a trolley back to the hotel with the rest of their guests. “As much as we love to dress up, celebrate, and go all out, at the end of the day, we are a really laid-back couple.”

Since the event designer played the sole role of bride for her own celebration, she has excellent advice for all engaged couples: “If you have a vision for your special day, go for it and do not let any of your doubts get in the way. At the end of the day, this is your major moment to shine.”