Though she was focused on nursing school and insisted she didn’t want a boyfriend, Ashley Jarvie’s classmate knew his brother Shawn Luck would be perfect for her and didn’t take no for an answer. He introduced the pair, confirming his prediction was correct. “From that moment on, we were head over heels for each other!” says Ashley. 

After two years of dating, Shawn surprised his beloved with a proposal by the small pond where they shared their first kiss; however, this time, the dock was sprinkled with rose petals and he was asking her to be his wife. “It was so special,” muses Ashley of the joyous moment. “I just remember getting to say yes to spending the rest of my life with my best friend.”

The couple worked with the planning team at DFW Events to make their dream wedding a reality. “I just wanted pink, classy, traditional, and elegant,” the bride shares of her vision, which showcased her favorite color. The ceremony took place at a Dallas chapel special to the bride, as her parents were married at the same location 30 years prior. Pews were decorated with small arrangements of blush florals, which also adorned the altar.

After the service, loved ones traveled to a nearby country club for the elegant reception. “When I walked in, I just almost died – I was so amazed and blown away by what a wonderful job the vendors did at creating the dream wedding I never knew I wanted,” Ashley shares. “I felt like I was in the best version of heaven all night long!” The ballroom was enveloped in lush drapery; round tables strewn with blush linens were decorated with high and low arrangements of billowing pink blooms. “They were breathtaking!” the bride notes of the floral arrangements. Following dinner, friends and family enjoyed slices of the couple’s exquisite seven-layer blush confection and hit the monogrammed dance floor until nearly midnight.

Having had a celebration she wouldn’t change for the world, the bride’s best advice for others in the midst of wedding planning is to “enjoy the process and not get all wrapped up in the stress of everything going on,” she shares. “It’s so easy to get lost in the flowers and colors and food and forget that what really matters is the commitment you are going to make to spend your life with someone, no matter what happens.”