College sweethearts Justine Savor and Tobias Harrison-Noonan had happily dated for years when Tobias coordinated a romantic proposal while the two traveled through Europe. “I knew that this was going to be the perfect opportunity. I started planning very far in advance because I knew I wanted to design the ring, and I wanted to take a secret trip back to Wisconsin to talk with her parents and ask for their blessing,” reveals Tobias. While enjoying the sights at the top of Monte San Salvatore in Switzerland, he presented his beloved with a gorgeous fully customized diamond ring. “I actually designed the engagement ring myself using 3D CAD software, then worked with a small company in San Francisco to make it,” he explains. 

The couple knew that they wanted to do something different and travel for their nuptials. “Planning and catering events for a living in the Bay Area, we knew right away that we didn’t want it to feel like ‘work’ for me,” Justine explains. “We wanted to have a connection to the destination and not just a random place on the map. My family has a home in the Cayman Islands, and we vacation there all together every year. It’s one of our favorite places, and it was the perfect spot to get married!” 

Beginning with a stunning invitation suite, the pair introduced 70 loved ones to their beachy wedding weekend color palette as well as the comfortable, yet sophisticated vibe of the upcoming affair. The bride was extremely busy with work during the peak of her own wedding coordination, so she relied on the experienced local planning team at Celebrations Wedding & Events as well as her family and Tobias, who took the lead on their welcome sailing party. 

The ceremony setup was kept minimal due to the stunning seaside landscape: wooden chairs, bunches of florals atop lanterns, and a simple natural wood structure that was draped in a billowing light-pink fabric. Though the area threatened rain, the clouds stayed at a distance. The groom and his mother made their way down the aisle and noticed a rainbow appear. “Everyone else was watching us, so we were the only ones who saw it,” says Tobias of the standout moment. 

Justine appeared on the arm of her father wearing a stunning floral lace gown featuring a deep V-neck and carrying an equally beautiful bouquet of roses, anemones, peonies, ranunculuses, and willow leaf eucalyptuses. “We wanted to keep our ceremony on the shorter side, as we were conscious of how long our guests would be sitting in the tropical heat,” shares the bride. 

Wanting to incorporate immediate family into the special day, the couple had chosen the father of the groom to officiate, and it couldn’t have proven more special. “He worked with us to understand how much religious affiliation we wanted, defined our vows, and ensured the service flowed smoothly,” affirms Tobias. 

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the newlyweds released baby green sea turtles from the Cayman Turtle Conservation and Education Centre. “Sea turtles will migrate for hundreds of miles before returning to the same beach they were released at to nest,” adds Justine of the unique addition. 

Family and friends made their way over to a grassy area of the property where both round and long tables had been arranged. Gilt chairs, light-blue linens, and bullion-rimmed charger plates decorated tablescapes. Personalized menu cards tucked in blush silky napkins and cheery arrangements of florals completed the stylish looks. 

“Musicians played cool mash-ups that incorporated tropical tunes such as ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz with Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’ during the dinner service,” describes the bride. The couple had worked particularly hard on their menu, which included fresh seafood favorites like ceviche during cocktails, island fare, a lobster bisque course, and even late-night grilled cheese sandwiches with truffle fries. 

“When the fireworks went off shortly after our first dance, we were both shocked and ecstatic!” admits the groom of the surprise gift from the bride’s parents. “It was a phenomenal show, up close and personal, and felt like it was right over our heads.” 

Justine hadn’t thought much of hosting the reception around the uncovered pool that evening. “I wasn’t expecting anyone to take a swim, but almost everyone ended up jumping into the pool around 11PM, and we partied and danced in the pool until 2AM,” she happily remembers. “It was a total blast!”