Many people would agree that marriage is not only a union between two people, but a joining together of family and friends as well. Lindsey and Zach Schiff-Abrams are fortunate to have so many loved ones to share their new lives together, and they wanted that idea to be demonstrated in their wedding. The feeling of being basked in natural warmth was central, and the location would have to live up to this main idea. Lindsey and Zach decided on Cicada, the posh Italian restaurant located in downtown Los Angeles. This celebrated locale features a mesh of Art Deco and contemporary design, and a 15,000 square-foot multi-level dining area radiating in a golden, luminous lighting scheme.

All white florals, with subtle green accents, maintained a clean and simple atmosphere. The soft glow of flickering candles provided the only lighting in the room, creating an ethereal feel. The ceremony was in a circular formation in order to make Lindsey and Zach feel surrounded by all of their friends and family, who are a huge part of their lives. The intimate ceremony was a beautiful beginning to an evening that over-flowed with music, cocktails, and sophisticated fare.

The penthouse and rooftop of the building provided a glittering background for the wedding photos, with the Los Angeles skyline trimming the summer evening. The bride fondly remembers the excitement of dressing with her bridesmaids at a nearby hotel, and then walking together to Cicada. She recalls, “It was fun walking downtown in a wedding dress followed by my bridesmaids, photographer and videographer; it all felt surreal.”

Zach and Lindsey capped their event with a night at the lavish Bel Air Hotel, followed by a honeymoon in the Seychelles and South Africa.