While enjoying summer break before the start of their senior year in college, Megan Morrison and Christopher Jones were introduced to one another by a mutual friend. Little did they realize that their friend would serve as the best man at their wedding years later. The duo continued dating after graduation, and Christopher popped the question while walking their dog one morning at sunrise.

Megan and Christopher spent 20 months planning their special occasion in the nation’s capital. Although the guest list did not exceed 100, guest satisfaction was a major factor for the couple. “Guests come first. We really wanted our guests to have an amazing night, especially since most of them were traveling from out of state to be there,” Megan says. They organized an evening wedding at a charming museum and library. “We wanted a venue that was quintessential DC [and] we were both sold when we saw the view of the Washington Monument, which would be the backdrop during our ceremony,” she describes. The ambience perfectly complemented the bride’s wedding vision. “[I] really handled all the design aspects – classic, elegant, and timeless. [I] never wanted to look back years down the road and regret picking a ‘trendy’ dress, color palette, et cetera,” Megan explains.

The elegant décor incorporated a palette of white, ivory, taupe, and champagne hues with hints of navy and grey-toned lavender. “Our floral arrangements were mostly filled with white peonies, ‘dusty lavender’ garden roses, and dark greenery. They were lush and softly rounded – not too messy and not too structured,” the bride illustrates. Although the ambience reflected the couple’s personalities, Megan admits that the fare really embodied their character. “We both consider ourselves ‘foodies.’ Therefore, we really cared about the quality of the food that was served at our wedding. Not only did we want amazing food during cocktail hour and dinner, but we also wanted a late-night snack, which was pizza, mini milkshakes, and donuts passed around,” she recalls. Just as the couple had hoped, attendees loved the menu along with the live music and overall spirit of the soirée.

Megan affirms that every engaged couple should follow their instincts and always remember the love they share, despite the stressful moments of planning. “Stay true to your vision and what is important to you as a couple. Also, don’t lose sight of what the whole night is about.”