People who think romantic comedies are unrealistic clearly have not met Allison Kind and Scott Helberg. They had a classic meet-cute when Scott threw a housewarming party. His roommate happened to be friends with Allison and invited her to the soirée, where she made an interesting first impression by distractedly bumping into a wall and requiring a bag of ice for her injury. “I couldn’t wrap my head around how this beautiful girl had walked into a wall, but I was more than happy to help her however possible,” reveals Scott. While that interaction didn’t immediately lead to a relationship, they reconnected several months later at a Valentine’s Day dinner party thrown by a mutual friend. “Scott and I sat next to each other and talked the whole time. It was like no one else was there!” Allison confides. At the end of the evening, he walked her home and they shared their first kiss.

A mutual love of Chicago sports teams bonded the duo, so it’s no surprise that Scott planned a proposal under the guise of attending a Cubs game. Instead, when Allison got home, she saw their shared apartment had been transformed into memory lane. “Scott set up little vignettes from the two and a half years we had dated highlighting some of our favorite memories together,” she shares. At the end of the hallway, he got on one knee and proposed to his beloved. After she said yes, Scott surprised his future bride once again when they met both of their families for a celebratory dinner.

Allison and Scott got to know their wedding photographers, Bob and Dawn Davis, by taking engagement photos at the Art Institute of Chicago and the iconic Wrigley Field – home to their beloved Cubs. The importance of their photography came through during the couple’s "first look" on their wedding day, which both the bride and groom cite as their favorite memory. Scott so valued the sanctity of the tradition that he would run out of the room whenever he might risk catching a glimpse of even a photo of Allison’s dress. “After months of planning how I would look, it was the most romantic moment to reveal everything to Scott,” reminisces the bride. He was rendered speechless after seeing his soon-to-be wife in her classically beautiful A-line gown. “I can gaze at those pictures and still get the same feelings as I did in the moment,” muses the groom.

After their private moment, Allison and Scott prepared for the ceremony that would join them for life. As they had traditional Jewish nuptials, both the bride and groom met their parents halfway down the aisle. Allison clutched a bouquet of white peonies – her favorite flower – held together with lace from her gown and buttons from the wedding dresses worn by her grandmother and mother. “When I entered the ballroom, the quintet played the opening strains from The Notebook, my grandfather’s and my favorite movie,” she adds. Following the vow exchange, Scott partook in the of breaking the glass; inciting cries of “mazel tov!” from guests.

The newlyweds were thrilled with the sleek and refined style of their cocktail hour, particularly the large structure set on risers that spelled out “Love.” Illuminated by blue lights, “it was the focal point of the room, and it was amazing!” exclaims the bride. Eye-catching elements continued to the reception, where two flower walls adorned with roses, peonies, and hydrangeas in vanilla and blush hues awed attendees. An abundance of blossoms filled the room with love and warmth without overwhelming the space. “The whole room was stunning, and Scott and I couldn't have been happier with how it looked,” Allison says.

Once the new Mr. and Mrs. Helberg entered the reception to “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis – a song used by the Chicago Blackhawks when they score a goal at home – friends and family were treated to a widespread menu, with multiple choices from each course. “Allison and I remember laughing after the wedding at how amazing the food was, because we made sure to actually eat dinner!” Scott affirms. Since both the bride and the groom have a big sweet tooth, the cake was one of the many highlights of the night. The three-layer confection was frosted to match the reception décor, with pearl and flowerlike details. “The best part was that it tasted just as amazing as it looked!” gushes Allison.

The newlyweds danced the night away with revelers, thanks to the energetic band booked for the occasion. “I don’t think we spent more than five minutes sitting,” laughs the groom. To make sure they wouldn’t forget a thing, Allison and Scott took a few minutes together to stand near the back of the room to absorb the moment. “It’s so beautiful to have your family and closest friends all together to celebrate your wedding, and the night goes by way too fast,” reflects the bride.