A teenage friendship that blossoms into a healthy relationship during adulthood seems like the plotline of a romantic novel, but for those couples lucky enough to have experienced this kind of connection, it’s nothing short of wonderful. Alyssa Guerrero and Jasmine Rodriguez met in their early teenage years, long before they knew what kind of women they would grow into, and felt an instant spark. “We were both in separate places in our lives when we met; individually, we both wanted different things for ourselves,” Alyssa recounts. However, after seeing each other through a series of hardships, the pair began to realize that their bond was more than puppy love. Jasmine adds; “We believe that God and our relatives that have passed on are always watching over us and guiding us toward the next adventure in our lives.” Little did they know as adolescents that one of their biggest adventures would be one another.

Alyssa and Jasmine have always prided themselves on being a rather spontaneous couple. On Christmas morning in 2013, the couple surprised their loved ones with the news that they were expecting twins – a boy and a girl – who were born in July of the following year. “They are so important to us. We always wanted to become mommies, and two years ago, our lives changed for the better!” gushes Alyssa. Building a life together as a family was paramount for the young parents, and after becoming engaged, the impulsive duo elected to plan their nuptials in secret. “We decided to disguise the wedding as a lavish birthday party for Alyssa,” explains Jasmine. “We wanted something different, unique, romantic, and most of all, ‘us!’” Unbeknownst to their friends and relatives, the brides-to-be enlisted the help of International Event Company to organize their big day. “They were amazing – they knew exactly how to make our ideas into a reality,” Alyssa muses.

After a year of cloaked coordination, Alyssa and Jasmine headed to their venue in West Hollywood early in the morning. “We hit a lot of traffic and started to worry about our guests getting to the hotel,” Alyssa shares. “We later learned that we planned our wedding to take place right in the middle of the LA Pride celebration, which – despite the prolonged drive – was just perfect.” Upon their arrival, both ladies were blown away at the sight of their space. A large tunnel made entirely of hundreds of ivory and blush roses and verdure marked the entrance to their rooftop ceremony. The area had a geometric design to it, featuring four square seating sections on all sides of the floral arbor, which included the same light-hued blooms running up all sides and meeting in a spiral formation over the altar.

Believing they would be attending a birthday celebration, Alyssa and Jasmine’s immediate families and wedding party arrived oblivious to the plan. “We brought our mothers together and gave them both personalized handkerchiefs explaining how much we loved them – they also came with a note that said, ‘Surprise! We’re getting married!’” Jasmine laughs. Once they wheeled in a clothing rack filled with custom ensembles for the bridesmaids and bridesmen, their friends finally caught on. “They’d all been fitted for their outfits, but we led everyone to believe we were getting married next year!” reveals Alyssa. Upon their gradual arrival, each attendee learned the true nature of the festivities through the wedding program. By the time Jasmine – clad in a stunning fitted ivory trumpet gown – began her descent down the aisle to meet Alyssa – wearing an ethereal white fit-and-flare dress and a bridal cape – their intentions were universally clear.

Overwhelmed with joy and emotion, the brides lead revelers indoors for a quick cocktail hour, then back out into the open air for dinner, dancing, and further fun. Long mirrored tables flanked by gilt-rimmed dining chairs filled the deck. Each setting included glass charger plates topped with pink silk napkins and the list of culinary offerings for the evening. An eclectic array of candles and vessels containing varying blooms in both medium and low heights covered the length of each tablescape, giving the modern concept a slight garden-themed twist. “We kept our wedding young, sophisticated, and very romantic,” tells Jasmine. “Black and rose gold were the colors we thought worked best with that motif.” In addition to their youthful vibe, the duo also wanted to include sentimental details into their day. “Alyssa and I used Champagne flutes that my mom passed down to me for my wedding day – she’d saved them for me since I was a little girl,” Jasmine smiles.

Both women describe their “I dos” as magical. “Los Angeles looked so beautiful, and we danced the night away while looking at the city lights and stars from the sky,” Alyssa affirms. “We wish it would’ve lasted longer.” The very next morning, the newlyweds awoke to the news of the Pulse nightclub shootings in Orlando, Florida. “We were so shaken,” admits Alyssa. “It was insane. But with LA Pride and our wedding that same day, we felt very bittersweet.” The brides view their nuptials not only as a commemoration of their budding family, but also as a symbol of love and peace for the world. “Throughout our relationship, we have had our share of ups and downs,” Jasmine remarks. “But at the end of the day, we need each other; we love each other; we are one.”