Distance was a factor from the start of Katherine Theofanous and Andy Lin’s relationship. “Shortly after meeting, I moved to New York City to work for the United Nations while Andy stayed in Chicago to continue building his cardiology practice on the south side of [the city],” Katherine shares. For six months, they dated long distance between the two major metropolises. Then, she was offered a dream job working for the Human Rights Office… in Geneva, Switzerland. “I made the decision to take the job believing that our relationship would endure. And it did,” reveals Katherine. “I think that is what makes it so special to me, how we were able to maintain and grow a beautiful relationship even though we were at a distance.”

Despite living on different continents, the love between Katherine and Andy only grew stronger. While on a trip to South Africa, Andy arranged for a private safari in the late afternoon. After observing elephants, lions, giraffes, and more, the guide led the pair down a path as the sun began to set. “Tears rolled down my face as we walked up to the open-air tree house, where there were candles leading up to where Andy got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife,” remembers the bride. “It was the most magical moment of my life.”

The celebration was held back in Chicago, starting with a traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony. “I am Greek Cypriot and my husband is Taiwanese, so it was very important to blend both cultures. We achieved this in many different ways, from our signature cocktails to our custom-made dance floor that blended the Greek Key and the Double Happiness Chinese character,” Katherine explains.

A soft color palette helped to create a romantic and elegant look for the reception. “The head table was adorned with a lush runner of white, ivory, and pale pink roses, spray roses, peonies, ranunculus flowers, and Italian greenery,” illustrates the bride. “Each table had a variation of florals, all with crystal candleholders or large candelabra.” 

For another personal touch, Katherine’s sister sang “La Vie En Rose” for the couple’s first dance, and guests enjoyed live Greek music as well as classic American party songs to keep the celebration going until 1AM.