While attending a party during law school at the University of Cincinnati, Danielle Marcian met Louis Froelich for the first time. The pair hit it off, but it took a while for their romance to bloom. "We began our relationship as friends, but sometime during those months of friendship, we became a couple!" says Danielle. The future lawyers stayed together through graduation and a move to New York City. During a regular date night at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Danielle had her eyes on the gorgeous sunset, while Louis was fixed on her. “[A]ll of the sudden Louis got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I [was] so excited that I forgot to say yes!” the bride remembers. It was an incredibly whimsical moment for the two as they gazed at the picturesque Manhattan skyline and basked in their happy glow.

After the opulent proposal, the couple decided to tie the knot in Cincinnati where they met. With the help of the Viva Bella Events team, Danielle and Louis dove into planning a wedding with a sophisticated flair. Reveals Danielle, "We wanted our wedding to be elegant, yet understated." When deciding their color scheme, the bride selected hues that could be easily incorporated throughout the ceremony and reception. "We chose a neutral color palette," explains the bride. A theme that "was carried throughout the bridal party dresses, the flowers, linens, and décor," she says. 

As for cultural traditions, the bride and groom wanted to combine their respective faiths in a way that celebrated their backgrounds. "Coming from mixed faith backgrounds (Louis is Jewish and I’m Christian), we chose to include traditions from both – not because they were supposed to be done but because they were the ones that were important to us as a couple," says Danielle of their decision to have an interfaith ceremony. "[It] was held under a chuppah because we liked that it symbolized the new home that we, as a couple, would create. We had both a pastor and Louis’ uncle (a judge) marry us. We included 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (“Love is patient, love is kind…”) in the ceremony because it’s one of my favorite Bible verses and Louis liked it as well." The sweethearts expertly united aspects from both Christianity and Judaism to create their deeply personal nuptials. "We said the simple Christian vows. We broke the glass, because you can’t have a Jewish wedding without breaking the glass!" They reveal that they were overjoyed with the way that the ceremony came together to honor the two religions. 

The beauty of the event was evident in the details: antique pictures of various family members were displayed on tables decorated with candles and flowers that matched the color scheme. In fact, the entire celebration was bestrewn with exquisite blossoms and alluring greenery. The bride desired to maintain the botanic motif throughout the day. For her walk down the aisle, Danielle chose to carry an array of simple ivory lilies, while her bridesmaids’ floral arrangements contained varying blooms of the same color. Each one was slightly different than the next, but they all proved complementary to the others. Says the bride, "Our floral arrangements captured the classic and understated vibe with a palette of whites and creams textured with green foliage. [Similarly,] our reception centerpieces were a mix and match of different textures of white flowers for a modern, monochromatic look." To augment the concept even further, flower girls wore sweet, decorative garlands around their heads while holding small bouquets of their own. 

Following the touching vow exchange, the newlyweds and their loved ones retired to the reception area, which was adorned with delicate lace accoutrements. The space was interspersed with tender earth tones accompanied by greys, blues, and creams that manifested in a subtle, graceful aesthetic. Guests found their escort cards pinned to azure ties. When they arrived at their seats, they found glass plates and clear vases atop alabaster linens. The single-toned wedding cake was trimmed with fresh orchids that coordinated aptly with the patterns of the soft texture of the bride’s gown. To create comfort through their love and faith, the pair provided cozy taupe couches and pillows embellished with a few beloved Bible passages. 

Looking back on her big day, there are a few pertinent moments in Danielle’s mind. “My favorite moment of the ceremony was walking down the aisle and seeing my husband’s very emotional face,” she expresses. “He is usually very reserved, but throughout the whole ceremony he was teary. I, on the other hand, could not stop smiling!” When it comes to words of wisdom, she urges other brides and grooms to cherish the planning process and the wedding itself. “Try not to let yourselves get bogged down by the details... wedding planning should be (mostly) fun! It's easy to get caught up in the little things and forget the main point of the day – to marry each other!”