Brittany Haas and Benjamin Finkle connected on a dating app when they noticed their respective profile pictures were taken at Machu Picchu in Peru. That wasn’t the only thing they had in common – they both attended Cornell University, even having a mutual friend, and they both enjoyed a good craft cocktail. Thus, their first date was at a speakeasy during a cold Manhattan night. 

As their relationship grew, Ben knew he was ready to propose.  He got help from Brittany’s boss to find the ring, but a business trip got in the way of the original plan. As the trip was in Hawaii, Brittany was feeling annoyed that her boss didn’t seem to want her to go, but there was nothing to be done and off she went! Instead, upon her return Ben asked her to pick up some packages from their doorman. He handed her a bouquet of roses with a note from Ben reading, “Can’t wait to see you tonight.” “When I stepped into our apartment, there were more flowers and another note that said, ‘Just Kidding – Meet me on the roof!’” reveals Brittany. “I immediately had dropped everything and ran up to the roof of our building where Ben was holding another bouquet and the ring for a perfect romantic proposal.” Later that night, they celebrated with their parents as well as Ben’s grandparents. 

The biggest priorities for couple on their wedding day were the location, food, and band. They selected a beautiful inn on the shore of Lake George in Upstate New York.  The ceremony was held right by the water, so minimal decoration was required thanks to the natural beauty of the site, which was expertly captured by Amy Anaiz Photography. “Ironically, my cantor who I found in New York City when converting to Judaism years before meeting Ben, had grown up with Ben’s father’s family,” the bride shares. “It was super important that Shira married the two of us and it was truly a magical ceremony having her involved.” 

As the wedding was held on the weekend before the Fourth of July, miniature American flags were provided to wave following the pronouncement of husband and wife. Male guests were offered yarmulkes with blue and white stripes as well as red and white varieties. Azure watercolor details were added to the paper goods to reflect the lake. Blue was also seen in the ombré bridal gown, which was custom-made by Brittany’s personal friend, Hayley Paige. 

The reception was kept simple and elegant, with full arrangements of baby’s breath forming the centerpieces. A four-tiered wedding cake was adorned with sprigs of the same flower. The day was exactly what they hoped it would be: “For years, every summer we invite a group of our friends up to the Lake for a weekend, so we wanted it to feel like just another Lake George weekend…just a little more dressed up!” exclaims Brittany