The original plans Jacob Glucksman had orchestrated to propose to Rochelle Israel were exciting, adventurous… and unfortunately thwarted by his future bride. “Jake had planned a surprise proposal on a helicopter ride,” Rochelle explains. “I have a fear of flying and was too scared to go, so I flaked at the last minute.” Fortunately, Plan B was a huge success: Jacob quickly arranged to decorate the couple’s home, and the pair got engaged amid flowers and candlelight.

With only seven months allotted to plan the big event, Rochelle and Jacob found themselves making wedding decisions quickly and with confidence. “Too much time gives you too long to analyze, think over things, and drive yourself crazy!” says the bride. Envisioning an enchanted forest on the grounds of the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, the couple worked towards creating a magical atmosphere with particular emphasis on a unique ceremony.

Thousands of twinkle lights sparkled from a chuppah made of ivy, and were strung above guest seating arranged artfully in the round. Topiaries draped with lights also glowed in the surrounding courtyard as two musicians entered the garden to play for guests before the ceremony. When the bridal party began the processional, a 20-piece orchestra filled the evening air with music, and then the groom and bride entered respectively escorted by their parents.

The religious component was one of the wedding aspects in which Jacob was most involved. “It was important to me to have a fairly traditional Jewish wedding,” he affirms. In addition to standing beneath a chuppah during the ceremony – which was presided over by Jacob’s uncle – the couple drank from a Kiddush cup, and exchanged long-established vows. At the conclusion of the ceremony, Jacob broke a wedding glass in a traditional gesture that has been treasured and observed for centuries.

The freshly renovated ballroom at the Four Seasons made a lovely backdrop for a reception that blended timeless elegance with the couple’s theme of enchantment. Potted trees stood sentry at the entrance to the ballroom, and a row of potted plants separated the music area from the rest of the room. The band was situated in front of a wall draped with verdant greenery, white flowers, and two massive mirrors that opened up the room and gave the illusion of additional space. A fashionable mix of unique chair styles surrounded mirrored tables, while cushion-backed booths lined the walls. Many guest tables featured crystal candelabras with shaded candlesticks accented with petite floral arrangements gathered in silver cups, while others displayed green topiaries dotted with creamy blooms. The head table was draped in linen and crowned with an ornate mirrored vanity that stretched nearly the length of the table. Silver holders were topped with shaded candlesticks, and miniature floral arrangements completed the sophisticated tableau.

A sumptuous three-course dinner was followed by a selection of desserts that included passed sorbets in sugar cones, chocolate truffles, and cheesecake lollipops, as well as lighthearted favorites such as ice cream sandwiches and mini doughnuts. A towering chocolate cake encased in white chocolate and swirled with dark-chocolate vines was also sliced and served before guests took to the floor for hours of dancing. “I wanted the dancing to be welcoming and inviting to everyone, and it was,” says the groom, who wowed guests with his moon-walking abilities.

Guests departed with individual boxes of dried fruits and chocolate truffles, a sweet conclusion to an enchanted evening. “I remember looking at Rochelle at the end of night, and we had happily exhausted looks on our faces,” Jacob recalls. “Enjoy every moment,” Rochelle asserts. “It goes by so fast!”