Reporting on some of life’s darkest moments is par for the course when you are a television journalist. But for Lisa Breckenridge, one particularly distressing news story actually became a catalyst for her future happiness. Just two years ago, Lisa was on an early-morning live assignment for FOX 11 News when a twist of fate lead her to her future husband, Andy Cohen. Lisa was sent to Malibu to cover a fatal car accident, and was reporting the story in front of Andy’s house. A disheveled Andy, who is a talent agent, instantly recognized Lisa, came out of the house and struck up a friendly conversation with her though they had never met before. With Andy in slippers and boxers and Lisa under the pressure of a developing story, the situation was less than ideal for “love at first sight” to occur. However, a few weeks later, Andy asked a friend to set him up with Lisa so that they could officially meet, and their lives have not been the same since. The first date took place at Josie’s in Santa Monica, and Andy chose that sentimental site to propose to Lisa on New Year’s Eve, 2002.

When planning their wedding, Andy and Lisa agreed that instead of a traditional wedding, what they really wanted was to throw an unforgettable, fun party. Having outstanding food was a great priority, and the couple wanted their guests to feel like a family at a big dinner party. With those dreams in mind, the bride and groom realized that one of their favorite restaurants, Taverna Tony in Malibu, would make the ideal setting. Knowing that their guests would be thrilled with the Greek cuisine as well as the warm, lively atmosphere, Lisa and Andy made the wedding location a true reflection of their relationship and personalities.

Once the site was secured, Lisa left the majority of the planning to her vendors, trusting her team of experts completely. The bride chose all of her vendors from Inside Weddings magazine, which became her “bible” for wedding planning. From the flowers to the cake, most of the ideas were left to the professionals, and Lisa was not prepared for just how overwhelmed she would feel when she walked into Taverna Tony on her wedding day and saw just how breathtaking everything looked.

Andy and Lisa exchanged vows in front of 200 loved ones. Lisa recalls being moved to tears when she first arrived at the little stage for the ceremony, turning around and seeing the faces of her family and friends gathered around her and Andy. She was then thrilled to see how cute and truly excited her groom looked. The brief, but sentimental, ceremony was filled with humor and love, with the bride and groom hugging each other throughout the service. Lisa, as well as her guests, were especially moved by Andy’s heartfelt words of his wait to “find” her.

The lighthearted evening was filled with laughter, due in part to many of Andy’s clients who gave comical toasts to the beaming newlyweds. “Actually,” the couple explains, “the toasts became more of a roast when Tom Arnold took the microphone!”

Guests left the festive event with a thoughtful memento: a CD of the couples’ favorite songs, adorned with their photo on the cover. Whenever they listen to the unique CD, Andy and Lisa’s family and friends will be reminded that fate can intervene even on the gloomiest of days.