When fairy tales come true, they're magical and when Mindy's dreams come true, they are larger than life.  On Friday, August 29th, with her mom, bridal party and 50 close friends, dressed up in little black dresses, Tiffany's threw Mindy Burbano a bridal shower. While she modeled their "Bold and Beautiful" jewelry collection, the guests dined on Spago cuisine, ate tiny chocolate petits fours dressed up like Tiffany boxes and received gift bags upon their departure. It all sounds too good to be true. But, the story of how Mindy Burbano met her Prince Charming is just as amazing as the fact that Tiffany's threw her a bridal shower. This is no fractured fairy tale.

Once upon a time, there was this beautiful princess who was all alone. Happy and content, mind you, but alone. Until one fateful night, when she was having fun with friends from work while on assignment in Las Vegas, she saw a stranger. Glances were exchanged across the blackjack table, as they sometime are, and the stranger approached.  For a brief moment, they enjoyed each other's company without exchanging names. As the night grew to a close, they went their separate ways.  Both prince and princess returned home to Southern California, neither knowing what the future held. Then one day, Prince Charming was watching the news on KTLA and recognized the beautiful princess.  (For those of you who don't already know, Mindy Burbano is an entertainment reporter.) He had found her at last. First, he emailed her with no reponse. Then he called and asked her to go to a Jimmy Buffet concert. What princess could refuse? The evening was enjoyable, but not really a date. So, Prince Charming kicked into high gear. This time he offered dinner and front-row seats to Paul McCartney's concert. Once again, she accepted. And then, during dinner, something magical happened again. The prince revealed his true self and the princess knew, right then and there, she was in love. And that is the story of how a real princess met her future husband, Glen Stearns.

The day after her bridal shower, Mindy invited all of her close friends and bridesmaids to her now-home in Newport Beach for a day of pampering. Once guests arried, they had to make tough decisions; manicures or pedicures, fortune telling or massage? Everyone slipped into Frederick Fekkai robes and started their day. A light spa lunch was served around the pool. Late in the afternoon, a sunset ceremony was conducted to honor Mindy. After dinner, the girls gathered in the living room and opened gifts. Ultimately, everyone found a comfortable spot in the house to relax and, by midnight, everyone was exhausted and fell asleep. It turned into a good old-fashioned slumber party.  In the morning, the girls were greeted with an incredible breakfast and sent back into the world a little bit closer and whole lot more relaxed.