When California girl, Jennifer Brown, met native New Yorker, Robert Jacobs, at a conference in Orlando, they realized they were essentially living identical lives on opposite ends of the country. It is, therefore, no surprise that their wedding combined the best elements of laid-back Los Angeles with chic uptown Manhattan sophistication.

For these two city lovers, The Peninsula Beverly Hills was the perfect location. On the outside, the hotel sits at the intersection of two major, busy boulevards, but on the inside it is an oasis of understated elegance. Jennifer and Robert did their homework, visiting numerous venues and hotels, but found that the Peninsula best suited their personalities by accommodating their desire for an intimate and contemporary wedding in an urban locale.

Deciding when to get married was another easy decision. Since they had already agreed that St. Thomas and St. John would be their honeymoon destinations, Jennifer and Robert chose a wedding date that corresponded with high season in the Caribbean. Jennifer admits, however, that other decisions were not as simple and advises couples be true to themselves and not worry about the impressions or opinions of others during the planning process or the big day itself.

Many of Jennifer’s stylistic choices reflected a leaning toward classicism and subtlety. The color palette of cool and refreshing tones of peach, cream, butter and white was carried throughout the floral designs, including altar arrangements topping out at nearly six feet consisting of hydrangeas, roses, lilies, tulips, and gardenias. These colors complimented the table linens, the miniature picture frames given as favors that were wrapped in pearl grosgrain paper and cream ribbon, and the peach and cream roses adorning their white buttercream wedding cake. Jennifer’s affinity for clean, straight lines was also realized through a number of design preferences. The centerpiece vases and votives were square. Her bridal shoes featured square toes, her earrings were ornamented with square stones, and a square pattern appeared in her tiara and necklace. The A-line silhouette of her wedding gown boasted a linear design along the bodice, complimented by the symmetry of her three-layer veil, which altogether created the most refined and elegant ensemble Jennifer could have imagined.

But this California girl also broke with tradition in interesting and inventive ways. Jennifer and Robert held a morning wedding followed by a luncheon reception – on a Monday. With the assistance of their officiant, the introduction and opening of the ceremony were written by the bride and groom, who acknowledged departed family members whom they wished could be present, and thanked guests who had traveled great distances – and taken off from work! – to join in their celebration. The musical selections reflected the couple’s eclectic tastes, ranging from works by Yanni during the ceremony to a first dance set to Beyonce and Marc Nelson to the sentimental favorite, “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle, for the father-daughter dance.

Jennifer and Robert’s wedding demonstrated that traditional does not necessarily equal conventional, and that the right and left coasts can certainly mingle in stylish harmony.