Little girls often daydream about mermaids, much like they may fantasize about their own weddings. Thus, it is only natural that those in the wedding industry would design a styled shoot inspired by the mysterious mythological creatures. The creative team went so far as to create a story of a mermaid who, after falling in love with a ship captain, wished upon a shell to transform into a human. Though her wish comes true, and she discovers treasures and potential wedding dresses, her beloved never arrives to the shore where she sets up an elaborate sweetheart table.

Thankfully, the vast majority of real-life weddings will not end as tragically as this original fairy tale, but today’s brides can still draw inspiration from the elaborate tablescape, which is perfect for an oceanfront reception with a bohemian-glam touch. Rose gold, sequined linens contrast with the beach-themed décor to keep the design from looking over-the-top. Patterned china with pale blue and gold detailing is a subtle hint to the design inspiration – a world under the sea. A spiral seashell is used as a natural vase for an arrangement of eucalyptus, amaranthus, and azure hydrangeas. Additionally, a larger arrangement featuring the same foliage is placed in the center of the table, when not being carried by the model as an oversized bridal bouquet.

Though often thought of as a classic or vintage style, pearls of course come from the ocean, and the design team utilized this knowledge to great effect. A seafoam serving stand with three tiers held shells and strands of pearls on each level. The model wore different ensembles as the mermaid turned human who tried on several looks while waiting for her love, and two of these ensembles featured statement necklaces with oversized pearls. Such accessories may not be used in traditional bridal style, but they are perfect for a bohemian bride who wants to try something different. The second dress is both modern and vintage: A lace crop top with an ombré skirt going from pale blue to a deep cerulean is about as contemporary as it can get. However, the two-piece, nontraditional bridal look is paired with a matching jacket featuring a lace-trimmed hood, which brings to mind the bridal caps of the 1930s.

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