Despite discussions about their future, Lauren Jacks wasn’t expecting a proposal from Daniel Seeff anytime soon. Therefore, she wasn’t suspicious about the photo shoot planned at the end of the couple’s trip to New York, even though the Central Park set included piñatas – something Lauren loves. After all, the shoot was organized by a fashion blogger about the sock business the lovebirds share together, and the piñatas were to add a personal touch.

During the photo session, Lauren was asked to hit one of the piñatas, but it wouldn’t break. “Someone told me to rip it open, so I did. I saw what looked like squares of paper fall out and then looked to the ground only to realize there were hundreds of photos of us,” explains Lauren. “I still had no idea what was going on. Extremely confused, I turned around to see Daniel on one knee.” As he teared up and asked her to marry him, it finally sunk in. 

The Los Angeles-based couple elected to tie the knot at an inn in Ojai, California, and worked with Julie Pryor of Pryor Events to create their dream day. In order to embrace the beauty of the grounds, the floral design by The Hidden Garden was created with white blossoms and lush greenery. “We wanted an enhanced, but natural look,” confirms the bride. The vow exchange was held under a beautiful floral structure featuring verdant accents that was suspended from a tree that had far-reaching branches decorated with chic geometric lanterns. 

“Someone told us that the best advice for a wedding is to make sure you’re having more fun than anyone else there, and it might sound silly, but we definitely did!”

Both Lauren and Daniel are Jewish and wanted to observe important traditions throughout their nuptials. Cocktail hour was held before the ceremony so that the vow exchange didn’t start until after sunset. The service was opened with Havdalah, a custom that marks the end of Shabbat. Daniel also took part in the breaking of the glass, and both bride and groom were lifted on chairs during the horah dance.

The duo did break from tradition at times, however. While their rabbi presided over parts of the ceremony, the true officiant was the father of the bride’s best friend. “He did an incredible job of making the ceremony heartfelt, sentimental, personal, funny, and applicable to everyone there,” Lauren affirms. 

The wedding reception continued the white-and-green aesthetic established during the ceremony. Mirroring the floral structure from the outdoor ceremony were multiple chandeliers in the reception space – except these had more verdure than blooms. Low arrangements with candles, moss, ferns, roses, and gardenias kept with the fresh look.

“Our centerpieces were based around the idea of disheveled elegance,” shares Lauren. Guests partied until 2AM, dancing to songs that were all individually selected by the bride and groom. “Someone told us that the best advice for a wedding is to make sure you’re having more fun than anyone else there,” reveals the bride. “And it might sound silly, but we definitely did!”