Lindsey Eastman and Michael Farrington's love story truly had a fairy-tale ending. Michael admits that he has been in love with Lindsey since she was just 13 years old. The duo met while attending Hume Lake Christian Camp during Michael's sophomore year of high school. "Lindsey was a freshman at the time, and I tried to spend each minute at camp with her... saved her a seat at evening program, highlighted verses in her Bible, and wore her sweatshirt around all week," he explains. Though a romance didn't blossom, Lindsey and Michael remained close friends throughout high school, college, and the years following.

As fate would have it, the couple ended up living only 200 yards away from each other in Solana Beach, California, and due to a friend cancelling plans, they had their first date one year to the day of their impending wedding. Six months following their first date, Michael purchased an engagement ring and proposed to Lindsey at her condo, which he had decorated with hundreds of peonies and candles. "Mike is everything I've ever prayed and hoped for in a husband and more," explains Lindsey. "No one has ever made me feel more comfortable, more known, more loved. And now I get to keep him and be his wife!"

To successfully plan a wedding for nearly 300 guests in less than seven months, the couple enlisted the help of Merilee Hennings of EverAfter Events. "I could tell right away that she was professional, experienced, and organized... I was the first in my family to get married, so we really relied on her knowledge and expertise," explains the bride. When deciding on a ceremony venue, the couple chose a beautiful church in Rancho Santa Fe, California, which was located just minutes away from Lindsey's parents' home – where the alfresco reception was held.

Choosing a modern black-and-white color palette with bright accents of pink and orange allowed the décor to be beautiful, bold, and approachable. "The overall vibe was fun and fancy, but comfortable too," adds Lindsey. Flower arrangements were full and unstructured; centerpieces were kept low on tables to allow for easy conversation – "like you would [have] at a family dinner," shares the bride. Since Lindsey and Michael were friends long before they started dating, table numbers were paired with fun facts about their relationship.

Following a sit-down dinner service, guests enjoyed slices from a tall whimsical cake featuring black-and-white stripes and a floral pattern that matched the envelope liner seen in the wedding invitation suite. For a late-night snack, loved ones were invited to select their favorite flavor from a variety of pies: apple, fresh cherry, apple berry crumb, and pumpkin. Guests were also offered homemade cookies made by Lindsey and her mother as wedding favors. For Lindsey and Michael, the often-told relationship advice to marry your best friend is more than true. For years friends predicted the two would one day say "I do," but it wasn't until after 17 years of friendship that their happily ever after truly began.