Among other things, Tracy Fisher and Zinger Alvy share a love of showing their family and friends a good time with great food and great music. So, when it came time to planning their wedding, they realized that the reception would be the biggest party they would ever throw. The couple made sure that speeches were kept to a minimum, skipped the chicken dance and garter toss, and hired a ten-piece band to keep the guests dancing all night.

Tracy’s dream was to be married outdoors, surrounded by flowers. When they chose the Wetherly Garden at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills for the ceremony site, flowers became the dominant theme for the wedding. Then Tracy, along with her wedding party, entered through a gate twined with roses and greenery and walked down an aisle lined with three and a half foot topiaries made of roses in various shades of pink, resting on tall pedestals. The topiaries later became centerpieces on each table during the reception, carrying the rose garden theme into the ballroom, along with two taller versions flanking the bandstand. The wedding cake was decorated with flowers and greenery made of frosting, and roses were woven into the organza overlay decorating the sweetheart table. Tracy’s signature color is pink, and all of the flowers were in shades of pink—from the palest shade to fuchsia. The bridesmaids wore pink gowns and each received a different style of pink beaded handbag, pink cosmetic case, and pink lip-gloss. The couple’s “signature cocktail” was served at the reception, the “Alvito”, which was a mojito tinted pink with a splash of grenadine. The ballroom was bathed in pink lighting with a floral pattern projected on the white dance floor.

Both Tracy and Zinger agree that the most sentimental moment was seeing each other for the first time that day as Tracy walked down the aisle, as well as the fifteen minutes they shared alone in the suite immediately after the ceremony. There, Zinger presented his new bride with a gift—a small, etched mirror he had bought nine years ago and vowed to save for the woman he would marry. Tracy was also very touched by the heartwarming impromptu speech given by her uncle, wishing the couple congratulations and honoring her mother who passed away two years ago.

In addition to the wedding theme of flowers and the color pink, Tracy and Zinger employed a philosophy for their wedding, that although it was “their day”, they wanted their gratitude to family and friends reflected in the ceremony and reception. The ceremony began with a poem and a few words thanking their guests, and they shared lighthearted vows, which had everyone laughing. A pianist was hired to surprise Zinger’s father by playing songs he had written, and both of Zinger’s parents were honored by the newlyweds by dedicating a dance to the two of them to “their song.” A couple attending the reception were invited to celebrate their first wedding anniversary by dancing alone to their wedding song. Surely, Tracy and Zinger’s generosity and gratitude will resonate in the memories of family and friends for years to come.