For Eveliza Herrera and Alfredo Angueira, weekly happy hours lead to the happiest day of their lives. A mutual friend introduced the two, and they became part of a group that met weekly for drinks and appetizers. A few months later, Eve and Alfredo gave into the sparks they felt for one another and began to date in secret. After quietly building their relationship for seven years, Alfredo chose an intimate morning proposal. They were discussing their day together, when Alfredo started a routine familiar to the couple. “He asked if I’m sure I could do this forever,” Eve shares. She responded with a line from one of their favorite songs by the hip-hop group Outkast: “Forever? Forever eva?” During their laughter, Alfredo took the ring he hid in plain sight on his nightstand, proclaiming, “Well maybe you should start wearing this from now on.” Eve admits that she didn’t even say “yes” at first. “I said, ‘turn on the lights, I can’t see it!’” laughs the bride. 

Though at first Eve thought she could plan the wedding on her own, spending two months selecting a venue made her decide to hire a professional event consultant – who happened to be a friend of the groom’s since their school days. “She arranged several decks with different themes and color schemes for us to go through,” the bride says of her planner. “In the end, we mixed two of her palettes and ended up with the theme of ‘Regal Love’. It incorporated blush, oxblood, charcoal, midnight blue, and hints of gold.”

Due to rain right before the ceremony, the couple made the choice to move their loved ones from the rose garden so they would not get wet. As the drizzle quickly cleared up, the bride and groom admit they wish they had opted to send the guests back to their original seats. However, the newlyweds still got some stunning portraits taken in front of the floral-draped gazebo after their vow exchange – a time Alfredo cites as his most memorable. Even with the disappointment of the rain, the ceremony was still a joyful time – as showcased during the groom’s walk up the aisle. “The string quartet started playing the Game of Thrones theme song,” Alfredo shares. “Everyone got a good laugh and it showed how lighthearted we are."

After enjoying a cocktail hour with a jazz band, scotch tasting table, and luxe hors d'oeuvres, the wedding party and guests entered the reception laid out with long farm tables in natural wood. “I wanted all of our guests to feel like there wasn’t a bad seat, and we were all one big family sitting at the same table,” Eve reveals. The tablescapes featured unique centerpieces along the middle: cigar boxes, vases with hydrangeas and other blossoms, framed photos from the couple’s engagement shoot, and textbooks reflecting the bride and groom’s studies were carefully arranged for a subtly vintage look. In addition to a variety of delicious dessert offerings, attendees were served vanilla cake with English toffee and spiced caramel filling, coated in a bourbon cream cheese frosting. The cake topper read “Love You More” in gold letters, a touching tribute to Alfredo’s mother who commonly said the phrase and passed away the prior year.

The newlyweds agree on their advice for couples planning their own celebration: “Start early!” Though they were engaged for over a year, Eve divulges that only the last six months were spent planning. “Starting early also allows you to explore more options,” the bride adds.