When people think of Art Deco and 1920s-inspired décor, they usually imagine a color palette of black and gold. Of course, the decade still included other hues, and the design team behind this styled shoot wanted to highlight other aspects of the era. A navy and pink color scheme brought the vintage aesthetic into the present, as did the choice of models to represent the bride and groom. “I deliberately chose to portray an interracial relationship because at the time [in the 1920s] this was unheard of and illegal in many states,” explains the photographer. “I wanted to defy the injustice, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, and hate of the era and replace it with beauty and whimsical and carefree love.” 

Antique pieces such as gold lanterns, a camera with black leather bellows, and a Victrola record player helped accent the beautiful outdoor garden with touches from the past. The mismatched chairs for the intimate ceremony evoke the idea of an intimate backyard vow exchange. With a wooden geometric structure marking the altar, a hint of modernity was present. Small stems of pampas grass in the bouquet and boutonniere reflect an Old-World feel while also embracing one of the biggest trends in current-day nuptials. The high-back lounge chairs under a fringe umbrella shows that a love of 1920s aesthetic doesn’t have to be all about Art Deco architecture. 

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