During their senior year in college, Alyssa Orito and Adam Nishikawa crossed paths often and eventually went on a date. “[We] began dating unofficially, getting to know each other better for the next three months,” Alyssa reveals. A few years into their relationship, Adam took his beloved to a romantic dinner on a yacht and surprised her with a proposal. “In addition to getting engaged at the most picturesque location, the yacht was named ‘Perfect Match,’” muses the bride.

Although she is a professional wedding planner, Alyssa had a very different experience when organizing her own nuptials. “Coming from the industry, I was surprised how many rental companies I had to hire, in Hawaii specifically, to execute my wedding vision and design,” the bride reflects, “[and] I was reminded how important it is to emphasize the tax, tip, and service charges to my couples.” Since the lovebirds wanted an intimate soirée, they invited a little over 70 attendees to celebrate their matrimony on the island of Maui. When they were pronounced husband and wife, their officiant gave them each a rose. “This was the first gift we officially gave to one other and a symbol of the commitment we had just made. He encouraged us to celebrate our love with a single rose on each anniversary and to bring one home when things were rocky,” smiles Alyssa.

The pair pursued a soft palette of ivory and lilac that enhanced the natural beauty of the Hawaiian locale. “We had agreed that ‘Modern Maui Romance’ was a good representation of us as a couple,” Alyssa says. The motif was executed through velvet napkins in a rosy hue, elegant floral designs, and chic bridesmaid gowns. Ivory and lilac blooms were complemented by plenty of greenery and candlelight. “[The] overall feeling of the wedding was alluring, natural, romantic, and ethereal,” she remembers. One of the most special moments during the wedding was a “first dance” shared by Alyssa’s parents. “When they were married 26 years ago, they did not have the opportunity to have this special moment. My husband was kind enough to grace them with this time to the song they had originally planned to dance to many years ago, ‘Chances Are’ by Johnny Mathis,” the bride beams.

Like many brides, Alyssa affirms the importance of cherishing each moment. “Embrace this experience to the fullest and remain joyful, even in the stressful moments,” she advises.