Within a month of dating Kelley Burr, Colin Koch was confident she was the woman he wanted to marry. “I knew that Kelley and I were a perfect match,” he says. “In many ways, we are much the opposite; however, there is so much we enjoy doing together that our relationship is truly seamless.” When the time was right to propose, Colin asked twice to make sure it was perfect. “I said yes, and then made a joke about him not getting on his knee,” Kelley recalls. “And even though I was kidding, he got on his knee and proposed again!”

Having decided on a beautiful beachside resort as the ideal venue, Kelley and Colin gave their wedding planner a general description of what they wanted in terms of décor. “We just told Alex (Alexander) we wanted a formal, black-tie wedding with an elegant, luxurious, and grand feel,” Kelley explains. “She took [our vision] and turned it into an amazing event that was way beyond our expectations.” An elaborate tent was erected on the oval-shaped lawn of the resort for the ceremony, and an ethereal effect was successfully achieved through a combination of flowing fabric, creamy flowers, and ambient lighting. Panels of palest, blushing ivory composed the draped ceiling and entryway, and the glow of candles and faceted chandeliers enhanced the muted sunlight that shone through the tented sides. “I never knew a tent could look so beautiful,” marvels Kelley. Trees wrapped in garlands of roses and hydrangeas lined an aisle paved in rose petals and flanked the carpeted platform where the vow exchange took place. Rows of acrylic Ghost Chairs contributed to the otherworldly effect and coordinated perfectly with clear pillars ringed with flowers on the altar.

The wedding party was attired in formal black for the occasion, with groom and groomsmen donning classic tuxedos. Bridesmaids wore full-length gowns and held bouquets in shades of pink and ivory while the maid of honor carried fragrant lavender roses. Kelley’s elegant strapless gown with exquisite ribbon detailing was paired with a formal chapel-length veil. A cascading bouquet of dendrobium orchids added the final touch to the bride’s sophisticated ensemble. “Kelley just looked like an angel walking down the aisle,” says Colin. A string trio, a flautist, and a pianist on a baby grand provided music throughout the ceremony.

Guests enjoyed a selection of fine whiskeys from a Scotch bar during the cocktail hour, throughout which a “Rat Pack” quartet performed for the crowd. “We also had a mixology bar which included many early 20th-century beverages such as rock and rye (a drink made of rye whiskey, rock candy, and fruit), mint juleps, barrel-aged rum, absinthe, and more,” adds Colin.

The reception reflected many of the same décor elements as the ceremony. Crystals dangled from ivory centerpieces composed of rose, hydrangea, and orchid blossoms, and diaphanous panels of fabric obscured the walls of the ballroom. Table linens threaded with metallic patterns were accented with place settings rimmed in gold, while candlelight cast a romantic glow from smoky glass votives. “Since we both enjoy viticulture, we named our tables for the reception after different regional wine appellations throughout the world,” Kelley explains. Chameleon Chairs with ivory cushions added a final touch of sophistication to the memorable scene.

A multi-course sit-down dinner was followed by the presentation of the pair’s towering wedding cake. Composed of seven stacked tiers iced in ivory fondant and swirled with gilded accents, the cake was draped in clusters of ivory roses and featured bands of gold between each tier. An after party overseen by a DJ followed hours of dancing to a nine-piece ensemble. Guests exited the night in receipt of favors that reflected Kelley and Colin’s affection for wine. “We filled sheer ivory wine bags with bottles of Contrada del Santo, Uva di Troia /Merlot blend,” Kelley describes. Each favor had a tag with the couple’s monogram on one side and a special message on the other.

Planning as much in advance as possible and hiring a coordinator are the two pieces of advice the pair recommends most. “We started planning a week after we got engaged,” asserts Colin, who split the tasks evenly with his bride. However, both the bride and groom wish to impart the importance of stepping back throughout the day to take the wonder of the experience in. “Plan a couple brief intervals to enjoy watching the celebration from a secluded area,” advises Colin. “We were able to step aside once, but it’s just not enough when you put months of effort into planning such a phenomenal day.”