“Our first meeting was a bit ironic, as he was actually there to meet my roommate who he had met at a bar the weekend before. I was tagging along to wingman her,” says Kacey Mahoney as she recalls her initial encounter with Andrew Grebe. The two became friends during the months that followed and eventually started dating. Before long, Andrew proposed to his sweetheart in Washington, DC – the same city where they first met. Not only did he give Kacey a beautiful engagement ring, but he also hired a photographer to capture the special moment and surprised his beloved by inviting their friends and family to celebrate the next phase of their lives.

Since their guests reside in many different areas, the couple wanted to host a destination wedding at a location their loved ones would enjoy for the entire weekend. With help from Kacey’s mother and best friend, the pair organized an alfresco soirée at a North Carolina venue that was selected as an ode to their love of the wilderness. “Andrew and I are super outdoorsy people who love the mountains, so it was priority that I choose a location that had a great mountain view,” Kacey explains. Attendees received welcome bags upon arrival that included chocolate from an Ohio candy shop that the couple adores, along with additional favorite treats. By 7PM, more than 140 loved ones gathered to witness Kacey and Andrew tie the knot.

It was important to the bride that her magical day highlighted one of her most beloved hues. “I have a serious love for rose gold, as my engagement ring is rose gold, and therefore I wanted my accent pieces, such as candle holders, napkin rings, signage, etc. to be rose gold,” the bride describes. The elegant metallic shade was complemented by high and low centerpieces that combined lavender, magenta, and ivory blooms. After the sit-down dinner service, the couple sliced their confection, which was adorned with cascading orchids and the cake topper used at Kacey’s parents’ wedding. Dancing the night away to the music performed by a 12-piece band, the couple stayed behind to share their last dance in private as attendees prepared for the send-off. “This was a moment for just us to kind of quickly soak in the last minutes of our special day,” Kacey muses.

Reflecting on the experience of her wedding, Kacey affirms that prioritization is a must throughout the entire planning process. “Prioritize your wants and make an effort to save money in other categories that may not mean as much to you to get what you really want... and start early so there is no stress or rushing!”