When it came time for Sarita and Jarett Dillard’s 10-year anniversary, Sarita wanted to commemorate the momentous occasion with an intimate vow renewal in Houston, Texas; however, it was designed to be much different than the luxurious Old Hollywood-inspired wedding of the former NFL wide receiver and his longtime love in the same city. “Honestly, looking back, it was totally over the top when we first got married, [but] I would not change it at all,” smiles Sarita. “It was pricey and extravagant, but even 10 years later, I know our ceremony and reception remain a favorite for our guests.” 

As they were planning their nuptials 10 years ago, the best advice the bride-to-be received was: “do not over do it.” Sarita laughs, “Did I listen? Absolutely not. That is why for year 10, it was important for me to be a minimalist [and] focus on the “why” and “how” we got to this milestone,” she shares of her overarching goal. 

Desiring a chic, outdoor vow renewal, Sarita selected Memorial Park as the site for the memorable occasion, which just so happened to be a surprise for her husband. “I am full of surprises… Jarett was blindfolded until he was at the picnic space – he had no idea!” she explains. “I love creating magical moments for Jarett. It is certainly something he would never do himself, but he appreciates the effort and what the renewal stands for.” 

“I am full of surprises… Jarett was blindfolded until he was at the picnic space – he had no idea!”

While their ballroom wedding a decade prior showcased modern black-and-white décor with silver and mirrored accents, the alfresco vow renewal instead featured seasonally appropriate florals in shades of soft ivories, reds, yellows, and pinks. Sarita’s bouquet of multicolored roses in all of the hues was accented with fresh greenery, and a golden ceremony arch was wrapped with verdure and dotted with blooms. The picnic space included a boho-chic teepee, as well as cozy floor pillows in rust and champagne tones. 

Sarita was absolutely gorgeous in a long-sleeve beaded gown purchased off the rack – much different from the two designer dresses she wore at her wedding 10 years prior, but equally as special and stunning. The pair’s three children were also there; their daughters donned flower crowns and wore white dresses, while their son was handsome in a grey suit and festive bow tie. “They were so excited to be a part of the big day. To show them what 10 years of work, love, and dedication look like meant everything,” smiles Sarita. 

With experience planning a wedding and building a successful marriage, Sarita encourages brides and grooms to remember that the big day is just one day. “Although it seems so pivotal, the wedding is not – it is the work and dedication that comes afterwards,” she confirms. “None of the flowers, cake, or décor survive… what survives beyond the ceremony is the love between two people. That’s what really matters.”

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