While dating, Josie Helmstetter and Scott Thorrington remember having a debate about the acceptable time to put up Christmas decorations. Being that Christmas is her favorite holiday, Josie loves decorating as soon as she can, despite Scott’s differing opinion on the matter. 

So, Josie didn’t anticipate waking up one Thanksgiving morning to her house fully decked out with Christmas decorations. “When I came in and saw the house, he had a gift for both my kids and me to open,” smiles Josie. “He then asked if I would give him the greatest gift and agree to be his wife.” 

When it came time to start planning their wedding, Josie and Scott knew they wanted to stay true to who they are as a couple and dedicated the next 15 months to ensuring that their big day reflected just that. Without the help of a wedding planner, the two lovebirds took the journey of planning their special day in full stride, ultimately leaning on and confiding in each other throughout the process. 

Desiring a wedding venue that would easily accommodate the couple and their guests, Josie and Scott elected The Blaisdell to host their ceremony and reception. A vision of a fresh color palette to complement the natural light that filled their venue space influenced much of their big day. “Our wedding was in spring in Minnesota, so we went with light, crisp, and fresh colors that felt like a new beginning after a long cold winter,” explains the bride. 

“Our wedding was in spring in Minnesota, so we went with light, crisp, and fresh colors that felt like a new beginning after a long cold winter.”

The beautiful Georgian-style mansion made it easy to showcase the spring décor elements that Josie envisioned for the intimate affair. She was radiant in a timeless white satin gown that she paired with a lush bouquet of soft vanilla-toned blooms with hints of pink and lavender hues. Loved ones were in awe as the bride made her way towards Scott, who waited for her in front of a sleek gold arbor lush with blooms to match those that filled her bouquet as well as the blooms that filled the mansion. 

The heartfelt evening not only showcased Josie and Scott exchanging their vows with each other, but Scott’s vows to her children as well. He gifted them each with gifts to grow with them as they move through different phases of life. “It was Scott’s way of saying to the kids, not only do I promise to always be there for your mom, through all of life’s moments, but I make that same promise today to you as well, to be by your side through all the stages of life,” shares Josie of the sentimental touch. 

A smooth transition was in place for family and friends to celebrate as the night continued in the same event space. As loved ones gathered for the cocktail hour, a live illustrator wowed attendees with custom illustrations of each family. “Being an artist myself, I wanted to give our guests a piece of art and give them an experience of art,” smiles the bride. A group picture was also illustrated, including all guests, and sent as a thank-you card following the nuptials. 

Further paying tribute to the couple’s love of art, the reception highlighted colorful name cards and minimalistic menus that detailed each guest’s entree selection for the evening. “From the live artist during cocktail hour, to the live music being played, to the watercolor cake, even to our cocktail napkins, which had a custom portrait of our puppy on them, we brought art into our celebration, which really reflected us as a couple,” describes the bride of the happiest day.