Stacey Heller and Barak Lurie are an example of a blind date gone very right! By taking a chance at finding love, they found a glorious future together. Content in their own good fortune, the couple decided to bestow a most unique and fun evening onto their loved ones.

Stacey and Barak were married in the luxurious ballroom of the St. Regis hotel, in front of 250 guests. The evening ceremony was incredibly personal and touching. The couple had spent a great deal of time getting to know Rabbi Dennis Eisner in the months leading up to the wedding, and this was quite evident in the ceremony. The Rabbi really captured the spirit of Barak and Stacey’s relationship, and spoke humorously about love, family, tradition and the future.

A formal dinner reception followed the ceremony, and the entertainment was the focal point of the evening. Stacey and Barak both enjoy Motown style music, and chose to have that played throughout most of the high-energy reception. In the midst of the festivities, there were sentimental moments as well. The bride and groom were deeply moved by the loving speeches and toasts made by their parents, the best man, and the matron of honor, as well as by their own toast that they gave to their family and friends.

Though the entire soirée was a true extension of Stacey and Barak’s personalities, the most unique element was the culinary feast that followed their emotional ceremony. During the cocktail hour, waiters brought out hand-drilled Lucite trays serving French fries in vellum cones. Later, as the first dinner course was served, white-gloved waiters circulated the tables with black chalk boards emblazoned with the three choices of entrees. And, not stopping with the delicious wedding cake, guests were also treated to decadent hot fudge sundaes in a most eclectic presentation: vanilla ice cream was served in a white porcelain rice bowl, along side hot fudge, hot caramel and roasted almonds resting in Chinese white porcelain soup spoons.

By the end of the night, each guest had experienced treasured moments that tantalized the heart, mind and senses, from the splendor of the gorgeous setting to the sounds of the funky Motown tunes, the aromas and tastes of the over-the-top wedding fare and, most importantly, the love shared by two thoughtful, giving people.