First acquainted through an online dating website, Suzanne Megan De Pol and Alexander Townley Marx fell in love and built a relationship filled with adventure and excitement. Alexander decided to propose on not one but both knees at the same Santa Barbara, California resort where the two would tie the knot.

“My themes were Marie Antoinette, Game of Thrones, and Château Versailles. The style we achieved was that of a bespoke fairy tale,” Suzanne describes. A palette incorporating rose gold, pale pink, and light blue enhanced the regality of the décor, as did more than 80 stunning floral arrangements. Lace, crystal candelabra, beaded tablecloths, and garden games created a classic French ambience. Women were given lace parasols, men received handkerchiefs, and children played with ribbon wands during the ceremony.

Before the pair exchanged their sweet and unique vows, they hosted a rose ceremony. Suzanne’s sister recited a love poem and her father read an Apache wedding prayer, which he also read to Suzanne’s mother on their wedding day. The couple ensured that Suzanne’s father was honored in both the wedding day and their marriage. “We got married on a Monday on my father’s birthday, and he passed away a month later. The day of his passing is the day stamped on our wedding certificate,” she says.

Favors featured the handmade lavender soap crafted by the bride's aunt, homemade potpourri sachets, individual candles, and lace flower napkin holders that doubled as bracelets. The top tier of their whimsical confection showcased a special design to reflect the couple’s engagement. “The top had a key on it in honor of Alex giving me a key during the engagement that said, ‘Will you marry me?’” Dessert additionally featured an array of pastries for their gluten- or dairy-free guests.

From the vows to the overall setup of their big day, the couple is proud to have eloquently executed such a beautiful and personal celebration for their friends and loved ones. “Everything was connected to our relationship in some way,” Suzanne said. “We were really able to turn a large celebration into something very personal.”