The experts at Paulette Wolf Events were incredibly excited at the opportunity to be able to design an event at the famed Tiffany Gardens in Chicago. “[The concept was] inspired by the garden surroundings – it was a wonderland,” muses coordinator Whitney Lane. “Everything about it was very sophisticated and over the top.” Every element included in the tented event featured an essence of spring blossoms in shades of pink, purple, and blue. 

Dangling escort cards could be found on a circular structure, nearly resembling a whimsical merry-go-round, suspended from long ribbons in hues of pink and off-white. Each card featured a purple orchid suspended directly above it. The rim of the structure displayed a number of perennials in the signature color scheme, as well as a pink stand and mirroring blooms surrounding its base. Place cards included delicate calligraphy, which expertly matched the ethereal vibe.

The bar area seemed to have come straight out of a fantasy book: the top featured a hard surface with intricate designs in white and blue, but the body of the bar looked as if it were made entirely out of winding vines and greenery. Smaller stands in the same style were scattered around the venue, each featuring an arrangement of hydrangeas in shades of blue and purple.

Attention to detail was clearly a pertinent component to bringing this whimsical vision together. “[All guests] had their own custom monogrammed napkin that they brought home with them at the end of the night,” reveals Paulette Wolf. The pièce de résistance of the space was the large floral-print dance floor that featured a sprawling structure made up of countless suspended flowers in bold, purple hues accompanied by dangling crystals. “The lighting was designed to give a glow to the thousands of crystals and orchids in the ceiling treatment,” she notes. The entire concept seemed to jump from the romantic ideals of fairy tales.