When Katie Wiebusch was three years old, her father picked out their song for the father-daughter dance at her eventual wedding – “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole. “He kept it a secret until our dance,” Katie reveals. “It was so special.” Despite this long-term plan, the bride’s family was not heavily involved in the look of the wedding. “Let’s just say I let them view from a distance,” she jokes. However, family did point her in the direction of her groom, professional NASCAR driver Kyle Grissom.  “My little sister spotted him and said I had to meet him – that he was ‘my type,’” shares the bride. “She nailed it.” Only 15 and 16 years old, the future pair found themselves at a high school basketball game, which they attended separately. Kyle stood next to Katie the entire time, not saying one word. “I was like, what’s wrong with him?” the bride laughs. At the final buzzer, he got enough nerve to ask Katie for her number, but was so shy he texted her to ask her out on a date. 

Many years later, Katie was dealing with fallen hopes after not receiving a proposal during a vacation to Turks and Caicos. Not long after the trip, Kyle suggested bringing their dog up to a nearby state park. Determined a proposal would never happen, “I was mad the entire car ride, and frankly, I was irritated that I was wasting a cute outfit on a regular old day,” admits the bride. Her mood turned around when she found Kyle on one knee, and her sister and best friend both there to surprise the newly engaged couple. “It was completely shocking, surprising, and everything I could have ever wanted,” gushes Katie. 

Though the size of their guest list limited the venue options, it was important to the bride to find a space that was artistic and unique. “I didn’t want to have to do a ton of decorating, but I wanted to see my vision come to life,” she explains. A local modern art museum turned out to toe that line beautifully. “I wanted a soft, romantic, white winter wedding that felt glamorous, yet not too stuffy or formal,” says the bride. Billowing floral arrangements in snowy hues supplemented by cascading accents helped achieve this look. In a unique move, the couple’s planner arranged a private dinner before the reception. “Best idea ever,” Katie confirms. “So intimate and special, because the rest of the night is an exciting blur.” The choice was perhaps especially necessary due to the unusual flow from cocktail hour with appetizers to a ballroom reception with heavier small plates –what the bride calls a “progressive dinner.” This method reduced bottle necking and kept people dancing. Katie adds, “I didn’t want to have a sit-down dinner – I wanted it to feel like a party.”

Citing baking as a secret hidden talent, the bride was very particular about the wedding cake. A six-layer confection with different flavors on each tier, delicate and intricate piping on the fondant was designed to mirror the beading from Katie’s stunning Monique Lhuillier bridal gown. After dancing through the night, the bride donned a magnificent custom winter cape, taking her groom’s hand as the exited through the streamers thrown by their loved ones. Kyle and Katie then hopped onto a horse-drawn carriage as they rode off to their new life.