Tips for Maintaining Your Long Wedding Hairstyle

How to keep your styled locks looking gorgeous throughout the day.

Straightening and curling your hair is one thing for a normal day, but for your wedding, you want the style to stay intact from before the “I dos” to after the first dance.

Photo: Kristen Weaver Photography

Many brides opt to hire professionals for their wedding-day beauty needs, but there are others who feel more confident styling their own tresses. Either way, it's important to take certain steps to help you maintain your look throughout the day. Straightening and curling your hair is one thing for a normal day, but for your wedding, you want the style to stay intact from before the “I dos” to after the first dance. 

Long hair bride at wedding day

Photo by Justin DeMutiis Photography; Planning & Design by Très Chic Southern Weddings & Events

Here are some tips for ensuring your long locks stay lovely throughout the ceremony and reception:

- Do not over style your tresses. You might think that applying an excessive amount of heat or hairspray will help your 'do stay in place, especially if you have long and thick hair, but too much of anything is damaging to your locks and too much product will start to weigh it down. Instead, make sure you or your stylist uses reliable, professional products and tools, such as a good curling iron with various heat settings (for fine and coarse hair) and hairspray that is light but offers a lasting hold. 

- Keep hair necessities handy. There will be a lot of movement and probably perspiration throughout the day, so some of these items are a great way to keep your ’do looking flawless and fresh. Bumps, braids, and ponytails are very common with long hairstyles, and bobby pins help secure the look in place – even for those “messy” styles. Ask a bridesmaid to also carry travel sizes of hair spray for touch ups, dry shampoo (spray) for pieces that may become too oily, a hairbrush for sleek looks or a hair comb to add volume, and perhaps a smaller-sized curling iron if your hair normally starts to fall flat after a few hours – or a flat iron if you tend to curl up around the hairline. Having these items available, even if not applied with a professional hand, will be useful for touch-ups as the night progresses. Note: Be sure to test out the products weeks prior to see how they work for you. 

- Consider the weather for that day. The weather is a huge deal breaker for some brides when deciding their hairstyle. If you still want to wear it down, think about how your hair reacts to rain, wind, humidity, etc. From there, you can decide which products to apply beforehand to help maintain your desired texture and style for the day. In case of an unexpected weather change, prepare yourself beforehand so that your hair will be one less thing to worry about. Talk with your stylist about these concerns or if you are DIY, then ask for samples or purchase trial sizes to test out what products will work best for climate changes. 

- Try not to touch your hair. Sometimes the best way to keep your hair intact is to just leave it alone. You might want to play with it or have a habit of touching it often, but keeping your hands off will help maintain the look. 

Long hairstyles are flattering for brides with all hair types and it’s a timeless look – so you’ll avoid cringe-worthy moments when you look back at photos years from now. Even if your locks happen to lose a little curl or volume, remember these tips to help maintain the desired look and prevent any unwanted stress on your special day! 

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