18 Clever Ways to Transform Chalkboards into Whimsical Signs

Print wedding menus, programs, and more on rustic chalkboards!

18 Clever Ways to Transform Chalkboards into Whimsical Signs

Photo: Clane Gessel Photography

Grab your chalk and your erasers, because chalkboards are back! No longer restricted to classrooms and study halls, chalkboards are becoming one of the most popular details to add to a bohemian, rustic, or natural wedding.

The handwritten aspect of chalkboards projects an easy, communal vibe that invites guests to join your celebration. Chalkboards can be dressed up or down – place them in ornate frames and ask your calligrapher to use an elegant script, or simply prop the boards next to a barrel or on an easel and print the message yourself. At the ceremony, display the names of your wedding party and the schedule of events on a chalkboard, eliminating the need for programs. Wedding menus can be written on chalkboards at the reception, and throughout your venue, chalkboards can help point your guests towards the location of each part of the festivities.

Chalkboard paint, available at most hardware stores, makes it a breeze to turn any surface into a chalkboard. Experiment with boards of various sizes, and try out different styles of lettering until you find a perfect combination that is both practical and beautiful. Click through the slideshow above to discover some clever ways to display chalkboards at your celebration!