Your Guide to a Smooth, Painless Wax for the Wedding

Learn how to schedule & prepare for your wax to ensure it'll last throughout the festivities.

Learn how frequently each area of the body should be waxed, how long before the wedding your appointment should be, what you can do to prepare, and more!

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Every bride wants to look (and feel) silky smooth on her wedding day and throughout her honeymoon. But skin that's red and angry from waxing? No, thanks! Noemi Grupenmager, founder of Uni K Wax Centers, reveals her guide to a painless waxing experience that is perfectly timed to keep you smooth during all of the wedding festivities.

She explains how frequently each area of the body should be waxed, how long before the wedding your appointment should be, and what you can do to prepare, in order to ensure a long-lasting wax. Read on for your complete checklist to beautiful skin, just in time for the celebrations!

How Often Should You Wax?

Facial Hair (upper lip and eyebrows): Every two or three weeks, since hair grows the quickest on these parts of the body.

Bikini Area and Underarms: Every two weeks.

Legs and Other Parts of the Body: Every four weeks.

Tip: Use a touch-up service, available up to 14 days after your last service, to maintain smooth skin on the face, eyebrows, upper lip, underarms, and bikini area.  

Waxing for the Wedding

If you are in a regular wax routine, you should wax a day or two before your wedding day.

If you have never waxed before but shave often in areas such as your underarms, bikini area, and legs, now is the time to enjoy the lasting benefits of waxing. Shaving encourages hair to grow faster, thicker, and more coarse, resulting in two or three hair strands growing from the same follicle. Waxing weakens hair and reduces hair growth over time. For best results, start a waxing routine at least a couple of months before your big day. Give your bridal party a beauty boost and schedule your services at the same time for a pre-wedding pampering get-together. Planning and routine is the key to long-lasting silky skin, on the big day and throughout the honeymoon.

Preparing for the Honeymoon

Hot and humid weather encourages hair to grow quickly. Therefore, it is ideal to wax a day or two before the trip, to extend the time hair grows back. Always pack a good sunscreen and moisturizer. Apply the sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn, then hydrate after swimming in salt water with a good moisturizer. These three tips will ensure your skin reflects a great healthy glow throughout your honeymoon. 

Scheduling Your Spray Tan

Never wax and get a spray tan on the same day. Arrange to have a wax first and allow a day before you tan. A spray tan also works well when your skin is well-hydrated and rested.

How to Prepare

There are several things a bride can do to prepare for her waxing visit:

1. Choose a waxing center that specializes only in waxing. Professionally trained waxers are skilled in removing hair with little to no discomfort.

2. Ensure the wax the center uses is an all-natural elastic wax, specially formulated for sensitive skin and proven to be an “ouchless” experience due to the elasticity of the wax. Uni K Wax manufactures its own all-natural elastic wax in Miami, Florida, and is only available at Uni K Wax Centers where every customer receives their own warmer of wax prepared fresh for each service.

3. Regularly exfoliate to buff away dead skin cells. Exfoliate twice a week and up to two days before your waxing service.

4. Hydrate your skin on a daily basis with a good moisturizer and by drinking plenty of water. Hydrated skin looks and feels healthy as the cells are plump, but also it allows for hair to easily be removed from the follicle.

5. Bring your groom for a bikini waxing visit at the same time. You will increase the level of intimacy on your wedding night!

6. Don’t drink alcohol, and limit caffeine prior to going for a wax, as this will tighten pores.

Your Post-Wax Checklist

Follow these steps to ensure a long-lasting wax and smooth skin:

1. Continue to exfoliate the skin for a week after your waxing visit.

2. Maintain a vigilant moisturizing and hydrating routine.

3. Avoid tight clothing to prevent ingrown hair from forming.

4. If you do have an ingrown hair, Uni K Wax has an Ingrown Hair Roll-On, which releases the hair because it moisturizes the skin, reduces inflammation, and helps release the hair caught in the follicle. It's available at any center or online at for $22.

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