Katy Perry Shares How Orlando Bloom Proposed

It wasn't as perfect as you might think!

Learn how Orlando Bloom popped the question.

Photo: Shawna Herring Photography

Fans were delighted when Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom posted identical photos showing that they were engaged, but there really wasn’t much more to the story. Based on the cropping of the snapshot, some people even doubted they were really engaged at first. But of course, by now the happy news has since been confirmed. 

Promoting the new season of American Idol, Katy was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, wearing her new vintage-inspired ring. Naturally, the host congratulated her on the engagement and then we got to hear how the couple first met, in addition to the proposal story. She reveals that at the Golden Globes three years ago, the Lord of the Rings alum took an In-N-Out burger off her table. She brought it up at an after-party, and the two were soon smitten. 

Though the proposal itself was a surprise, it appears the singer knew she and Orlando were heading down that path. Jimmy asked who picked out the ring – “I voiced my opinions,” she replies demurely. Stars, they’re just like us! Many modern couples now openly discuss engagement and involve each other in the process of finding the right ring. The way he proposed, however, is less common to the everyday person. On Valentine’s Day, the lovebirds got in a helicopter following a dinner date. Things weren’t quite picture-perfect, though. Orlando gave Katy a love letter to read in order to distract her while he got the ring out, but while he struggled to pull the box out of his coat he accidentally elbowed the Champagne and broke the bottle! Luckily, Katy of course still said yes, and after landing on a rooftop the couple were greeted by family and friends to celebrate the milestone. 

Watch her tell the full story below!

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