A Bridal Stylist's Tips for Walking Down the Aisle in Style

Wondering the details behind getting to the altar? Read this insider advice from Dear Maradee!

While there are a number of traditions one can choose to follow, bridal stylist Maradee Wahl explains her tips for getting down the aisle in style – from the moment a bride makes her entrance to when she meets her beloved at the altar.

Photo: Heather Kincaid

Editors Circle member and bridal stylist Maradee Wahl of Dear Maradee has been sharing her styling advice for Inside Weddings readers for years. This week, she's getting to the bottom of a concern amongst many brides-to-be: what are the rules when it comes to walking down the aisle? While there are a number of traditions one can choose to follow, Maradee explains her tips for getting down the aisle in style – from the moment a bride makes her entrance to the point when she meets her beloved at the altar.

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Dear Maradee,

I am so nervous about walking down the aisle!

I’m not sure who should escort me, how to hold my bouquet, or how to manage my veil... please help me get down the aisle in style!

Anxious Abigail


Dear Abigail,

There are many ways to plan your walk down the aisle; the most important thing is that you and your family can all enjoy this momentous moment!

First: Who will walk you down the aisle?

While the traditional walk includes the father, this moment should represent your own family in the most meaningful way. Choose your mother and/or father, two moms or two dads, your sibling, or your best friend to escort you towards your partner.

I worked with a bride and groom who were married earlier in a civil ceremony and they walked down the aisle together. It was very sweet and made the most sense for them! This is my favorite aspect about working with brides – you can decide on any ritual that seems right for you.

Second: How will you hold the bouquet?

Hold the bouquet in two hands with the middle part of your elbows resting on your hips. This will keep the arrangement low enough to focus the attention on your face and the neckline of your gown.

Many floral arrangements are also quite heavy, so this will help the bouquet stay put. The people walking with you can then hold you by the upper arm; you will be happy to have the extra support!

If this seems too forced and formal for your personal style, switch the bouquet to your left hand and hold your escort’s arm with your right hand.

Keep in mind that depending on the location, you may need to maneuver around steps or turns, or manage natural elements like the wind or uneven surfaces. In that case, be prepared to release one hand to lift your hem if needed, or to reach behind you to catch a wayward veil.

Place your bouquet in your right hand while still holding onto your escort to free up your left hand for a quick adjustment!

Third: What happens when I get to the end of the wedding aisle?

If you are wearing a blusher, the person escorting you can lift the veil now, or your groom can lift the veil right before your kiss. This should be discussed with your officiant, so this ritual is worked into the ceremony at the appropriate time.

Your maid of honor can discretely arrange your veil to lay perfectly during the ceremony, and she can make sure the blusher is neatly back in place.

Be sure to discuss your preferences with your wedding planner, so these specifics are included into your rehearsal and all parties are ready to perform their tasks!

Happy Styling!


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