How to Incorporate Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

Bridal stylist Maradee Wahl of Dear Maradee shares her advice on this time-honored tradition.

This week, Maradee is taking inspiration from the holiday season and answering a question often talked about amongst brides-to-be: how can I incorporate certain traditions in modern ways?

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Editors Circle member and bridal stylist Maradee Wahl of Dear Maradee has been sharing her styling advice for Inside Weddings brides the past few months. This week, she's taking inspiration from the holiday season and answering a question often talked about amongst brides-to-be: how can I incorporate certain traditions in modern ways? 

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Photo by Samuel Lippke Studios; Bridal Stylist: Maradee Wahl for Dear Maradee

Read on to learn more about the time-honored bridal tradition of "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue" in the next Dear Maradee post, below:

Dear Maradee,

I know you are a modern girl, but I heard you are also quite sentimental, like me! 

What do you think of the saying “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue?

How can I incorporate this fun tradition on my wedding day?

Blue Belle


Dear Belle,

I do love all the romance and history of the past. Ritual ways of celebrating are especially relevant at this time of year, when we come together during the holidays, welcoming old and new friends and family to join in our time-honored traditions.

When you are getting married, bringing timeless elements into a contemporary setting is the perfect way to enjoy the best of all worlds on your wedding day!

This sentimental good luck saying originates from an Old English rhyme:

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence for your shoe

The four "somethings" are good-luck charms meant to be close to your heart (literally or figuratively) as you walk down the aisle. Each word stands for a wish for you on your wedding day.

Something Old: Continuity
Wearing your mother or grandmother’s veil in an updated version is a wonderful way of including something special from the past. Often, changing the comb or headpiece and hiring a restoration service to spruce up this heirloom will create the perfect complement to a contemporary look. Be sure to view the color of the veil next to your gown in different lighting to ensure a nice match.

Something New: Optimism
Buying your new wedding gown is the best (and my favorite) part of being a bride!

Also consider splurging on a dramatic veil. This could become someone’s "something borrowed" one day!

Something Borrowed: Happiness
Wear a piece of jewelry or sew a special token into your gown or on your bouquet. This accessory borrowed from someone who means the world to you represents their wish for your future happiness. Imagine how honored they would feel to be remembered in this sentimental way!  

And now my favorite part of the saying, “Something Blue”...

Something Blue: Purity, Love, & Fidelity
What better wishes to carry you down the aisle towards your future partner?

Sew a blue ribbon into the hem of your gown, wear a blue undergarment or garter, or order a custom embroidered detail with your wedding date, new initials, or a personal quote. This can be included in your gown or on a handkerchief and makes a great photo!

Many brides don’t realize the rhyme ends with “and a sixpence for your shoe.” One last sentiment (a penny from your engagement year, your parents’ wedding year, or the birth year of a special person who may not be with you on the day) and you are ready to walk down the aisle!

Good Luck & Happy Styling!


Maradee Wahl for Dear Maradee bridal styling advice

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