10 Style Tips for the Perfect Groom Outfit

Make sure the groom looks as good as the bride on the big day!

Finding the perfect dress is an important – and sometimes difficult – task, but it can be all in vain if the groom’s outfit is lacking.

Men's Attire
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Finding the perfect dress is an important – and sometimes difficult – task, but it can be all in vain if the groom’s outfit is lacking. A bride can wear the most lovely couture gown, perfectly fitted to her body, but portraits just won’t look “right” if the groom is in a bland and ill-fitting suit. While there are certainly men out there who care deeply about their personal style, we know that there are plenty who have no idea where to start when selecting their ensemble – just like there are women who are lost when it comes to finding the ideal bridal gown. While any wedding outfit is of course a personal choice, we’ve gathered some tips to help grooms find their way. 

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1. Have the ensemble reflect the venue and tone of the day. Wear something more formal for a ballroom reception and more relaxed for alfresco nuptials.
2. Coordinate with the bridesmaids for a pop of color, but don't completely match. A tie, pocket square, or boutonniere that pairs well, rather than a colorful vest, are great options.
3. Always make sure the suit has the perfect fit, as not every style works for every build.
4. Consider separates for a fresh and modern look.
5. Invest in a quality pair of shoes to complete the look. Some grooms like to add a twist to their outfit by wearing a casual pair of sneakers, but make sure that's appropriate for the venue if you choose to go that route. They also must be new and clean!
6. If the groom is not going to see the bride's dress beforehand, work together to make sure his outfit will complement the gown.
7. Have a special touch to differentiate the groom from the groomsmen, whether a different tie, an added vest, or a more vibrant boutonniere.
8. Show personality with fun cuff links or socks.
9. If you wear a necktie instead of a bow tie, make sure it hits just at the waistband of your pants.
10. Above all else, be true to your personal style.

Find inspiration by viewing alternative suit colors for grooms, as well as fresh ideas for ties. To see what real grooms chose to wear for their weddings, view our photo galleries!

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