Get an Insider's Look at Barbara Kavchok's Latest Collection

Learn more about this talented bridal designer and see what her favorite gown is!

Get an Insider's Look at Barbara Kavchok's Latest Collection

Photo: Courtesy of Barbara Kavchok

Barbara Kavchok Joy Collection interview Q&A

Like mother, like daughter! When Eugenia Vasilik retired from being the lead designer of Eugenia Couture, she passed the torch to her daughter Barbara Kavchok, who now has a bridal line under her own name. With Eugenia Couture now designing evening wear – including options suitable for the mother of the bride – soon-to-be newlywed women will love the modern looks of Barbara Kavchok. Eco-conscious brides will also adore the mission statement of the fashion house, which ensures fabric does not go to waste, as well as the fact that all dresses are made in the United States. 

We sat down with the designer to learn more about her Spring 2018 collection, and how growing up with a bridal designer as a mother influences her work. Read on to find her expert tips on how to find a flattering gown and discover Barbara Kavchok’s favorite dress from her Spring 2018 collection. We even get some hints of what’s to come for Fall 2018!

Inside Weddings: What made you want to start designing wedding dresses?
Barbara Kavchok: I was always a very “girlie girl” and loved fashion for as long as I can remember. I also grew up watching my mother as a designer in the industry. She founded Eugenia Couture when I was in middle school, and I began working with her about a year after I graduated from college.

IW: What is your favorite part about being a bridal designer?
BK: I love coming up with the new collections. After the initial sketching and material gathering you actually get to start the pattern-making process and finally construction. Watching your idea come to life is so exciting and fulfilling.

IW: What was the inspiration behind your latest Spring 2018 collection?
BK: This latest collection still has a little Bohemian flair, but I was really inspired by some of my grandmother’s antique doilies and crocheted and embroidered linens she had acquired from Greece in the 1940s and 50s. They were so intricate and the textures were so beautifully done. I wanted to combine that with some very contemporary and sleek cuts.

IW: Which is your favorite dress from the latest collection and why?
BK: I love the "Clarissa" because the lace is one of my ultimate favorites. It is such beautiful organic pattern with a soft silver thread running through it to bring out the design and texture. The cut of "Clarissa" is also great. It has a bateau neckline with triangular cut outs under the arm and a deep V-cut back. The flared A-line skirt is also a very flattering cut on any body type.

Clarissa bridal gown wedding dress from the Joy Collection by Barbara Kavchok spring 2018

"Clarissa" bridal gown from the Spring 2018 Joy Collection by Barbara Kavchok

IW: What do we have to look forward to for the upcoming fall collection?
BK: I am experimenting with even more unique cuts and even more texture. You may even see some burlap or velvet incorporated in some designs...

IW: What makes the Barbara Kavchok line unique in comparison to other designers?
BK: Well aside from my personal design aesthetic which is unique to me, one thing that separates my line would be our manufacturing. I am very discriminating with my materials and try to ensure as little waste as possible while using as many natural materials as we can. My dresses are also all designed and manufactured here in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I am able to inspect all the dresses as they leave the factory to ensure the highest quality for my brides.

IW: What type of bride inspires you as you're designing each collection?
BK: I really enjoy designing for a confident bride who isn’t afraid of trying on something a little different.

IW: What advice do you have for brides buying gowns for their wedding?

BK: You should be open-minded about silhouette and materials until you’ve tried on enough variety to appropriately narrow down your search. You should also remember that this dress is different than any other dress you will ever wear. If you buy a Barbara Kavchok gown, it will be custom made for you, which is something we don’t usually ever have done for us in our everyday lives. Because of this you need to give yourself enough time in advance to decide on and order your dress because it will undoubtedly take some time to make. The last piece of advice I would give a bride is to remember that the dress should make them feel like a bride. This is very personal to each bride. Close your eyes and imagine how you want to look on your wedding day, then start your search from there.

IW: What should brides keep in mind when deciding on a silhouette, neckline, etc.?
BK: Decide on the parts of your body that you want to highlight. If you have a great upper body, you may want to pick a natural-waist bodice with an A-line or fuller skirt. If you want to show off a nice long neck and clavicle, you can wear an off-the-shoulder gown that frames them. If you have great legs that you want to show off, you can opt for a gown that has a slit in the skirt or a sheer tulle bottom of the skirt that will show those legs off. Figure out your best physical attributes and pick a style that highlights them.

To see Barbara Kavchok's Spring 2018 collection, click here.

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