Recently Engaged? Read These Wedding Tips from a Bridal Stylist!

Maradee Wahl of Dear Maradee shares advice on what to do next!

From helping brides as they shop for the perfect bridal gown to making sure every moment is picture-perfect on the day of, Maradee is a go-to source for all things bridal.

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Top bridal stylist Maradee Wahl of Dear Maradee certainly knows the importance of fashion on a wedding day – as well as how to prepare for anything to go wrong. From helping brides as they shop for the perfect bridal gown to making sure every moment is picture-perfect on the day of, Maradee is a go-to source for all things bridal.

In addition to offering expert advice to brides on, she also has a YouTube channel – Dear Maradee Bride Guide – that provides yet another resource for bridal-fashion assistance. In her series, she chats with past brides and industry experts to offer tips and tricks throughout the planning process and wedding day in order to help brides-to-be as they determine their wedding style.

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Photo by Brett Hickman Photographers; Bridal Stylist: Dear Maradee; Planning & Design by Mindy Weiss Party Consultants

In her latest video, Maradee interviewed Nayri of Lovella Bridal, all while sharing plenty of her own wisdom from the past 25 years of experience in the bridal industry. Here are some of the tidbits you'll discover in the latest episode:

What to Do First: Find a Venue & Set a Date
Maradee and Nayri discuss the typical steps a bride takes after accepting a proposal. When beginning to plan, they stress the importance of finding a venue, setting a date, and hiring a wedding planner – who then will likely refer a bride to a stylist. "I'll talk to the bride, get some ideas on what she's looking for," begins Maradee, who believes the date and venue are imporant to help brides decide on a motif and what type of dress will fall in line with the formality of the venue. "It's very important for me... the venue kind of gives the framework." 

Don't Worry About Trends
"I'm not so worried about trends... because every single bride has her own vision and it may be what's trendy and it may not be," says Maradee. "I like to make sure that they are understanding how they're going to feel on the day [and] how their fiancé is going to feel as they're walking toward them." The bridal stylist also encourages her brides to wear what they want to wear since there's never a 'no' for bridal. "The bridal fashion curve is very flat. Lace is always in, strapless is always in," she begins, "there's never an 'ohh you can't wear that for your wedding,' and that's also something I love about it."

Try on a Veil
Though more and more brides are choosing to depart from tradition and not wear a veil on their wedding day, Maradee encourages her brides to try one on – even if they don't feel especially comfortable in a veil at the start. "In all of my years, I have only had one bride who I wasn't able to convince to get a veil," she tells; however, the bride ended up going to the bridal salon on the day of her wedding to purchase the classic accessory. "There is something about the veil... it's almost like having a sash that says 'I'm the bride,'" she shares.

Be Comfortable!
While a bridal gown likely won't be the most comfortable ensemble you'll ever wear, Maradee encourages her brides to make sure they are comfortable – while also feeling beautiful – on the big day – from the morning of the wedding to the last dance. "We want our brides to be fashionable, but it's really about the event and bringing your family together... so you do want to look amazing, [but] also be able to move, sit, eat, [and] function," she says. "Talk to your seamstress and stylist about goals for comfort throughout the night."

Take a look at more tips – including suggestions on what shoes to wear during the ceremony and reception, what to bring to your bridal fittings, and how to bustle your gown – in this video on Maradee's channel.

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