A Dreamy Playlist for a Hawaiian Honeymoon

Put yourself in the mood for your trip with these beachy tunes.

Discover 13 songs to add to your playlist to get in the spirit of the islands.

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As your wedding day draws closer, you’ll soon find that you’re starting to look forward to the honeymoon more than the actual wedding. A couple weeks away from it all – able to relax and explore a new part of the world with the love of your life – suddenly sounds like a much better time than stressing over centerpieces and keeping the peace between family members. Of course, once the big day arrives, all of that hard work will be worth it. That doesn’t make daydreaming about your honeymoon any less motivating, however! 

Many newlyweds choose to jet off to Hawaii after their nuptials, as the different islands have much to offer travelers. Whether you and your beloved want to lay out in the sun, go on a jungle hike, swim with the tropical fish, or even see lava from a volcano, there’s something for everyone on at least one of the islands. If that’s where you’ll be heading on your honeymoon, we’ve created a playlist to help you get into the spirit of Hawaii, whether listening on the plane ride there or while finishing that last bit of planning. 

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Photo by Steve Steinhardt

Discover 13 songs to add to your playlist to get in the spirit of the islands:

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