Insider Tips from the Nation's Top Wedding Professionals

Top event planners and designers share their advice for couples.

Regardless of whether or not you have a planner, we always strive to share the advice of our esteemed Editors Circle members to help your planning process and give you more time to spend with your future spouse relishing in your engagement.

Photo: Laurie Bailey Photography

When it comes to planning your wedding ceremony and reception, as well as all of the decisions leading up to the big day such as invitations and more, it can be difficult to navigate the world of event planning if you've never had experience with it before. We recommend reaching out to friends and bridesmaids who have planned their own celebrations, receiving advice from family members, and – if you're able – hiring a team of wedding professionals to organize your dream day with minimal stress involved.

Regardless of whether or not you have asked a planner to join your wedding team, we always strive to share the advice of our esteemed Editors Circle members to help your planning process and give you more time to spend with your future spouse relishing in your engagement. Whether you have questions on invitations and stationery or ways to customize your celebration, we've gathered advice from top planners, photographers, and invitation designers to share their insider tips with you on everything from boudoir sessions to the dinner served at your reception.

Black and white wedding invitation suite by oda creative formal wedding ideas

Photo by Pharris Photos; Invitations by Oda Creative

Take a look at expert tips and tricks from some of our Editors Circle members below: 

"Your invitations should be a reflection of your personal style. Don’t be afraid to have fun and give your guests a sense of your unique taste through the use of colors, textures, and mixing a variety of print methods and custom shapes." - Ndidi Ayoola of Oda Creative

"Budget in an extra 15 minutes during your bridal prep for a mini boudoir session. There’s no better time to take some intimate photos to surprise your spouse with later." - Amy Anaiz of Amy Anaiz Photography

"Be ready and willing to go the extra mile when it comes to personalizing their special day. Why send traditional save-the-date cards when you could design a 'passport,' stamp them with customized wax seals or hand-draw a custom design motif for the envelope? Taking an idea to the next level adds eye-popping allure and wonder that couples today desire to give their guests in every detail of their celebrations." - Emily Clarke of Emily Clarke Events

"Embrace lots of vibrant color! A creative and bold color scheme is such a great way to put your own personal stamp on your wedding!" - Laurie Bailey of Laurie Bailey Photography

"Commission custom signage showcasing your menu or other wedding-day details. Large, freestanding signs are the most impactful, and for a cohesive overall look, be sure to tie in the same fonts, colors, and branding used throughout your wedding stationery." - Callista Osborn of Callista & Company

"New Trends I Love:

- pre-set food on tables as guests arrive

- making family-style serving more interactive

- chandeliers – and lots of them!

- open-air tents

- unconventional venues" 
- Merilee Hennings of EverAfter Events

tent wedding reception pretty night wedding shots ever after events

Photo by Paul Barnett Photography; Planning & Design by EverAfter Events

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